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Hi! I was wondering if anyone was going to apply to ECU's Alt Entry MSN program this Fall for a Fall 2013 start! I originally was going to apply to Duke's program, but after a lot of research... Read More

  1. by   KJohnson2013
    Sorry I have not responded in a while. I started teaching again this semester and got busy with meetings and orientations. Interview was simple and what you would expect in a normal work/school interview. Nothing out of the ordinary!
  2. by   jamienc
    Has anyone received an acceptance letter yet?
  3. by   steve21021
    sorry. Have not heard anything.
  4. by   KJohnson2013
    steve- did you get your interview?
  5. by   steve21021
    No, I haven't heard a thing. They said it would be likely in mid February if I heard anything. The only thing that I have heard is that they lost a few spots from the previous year and the same things that they looked for last year are also in effect. This makes me a little angry because I was told that they exclusively closed it off to only in state NC residents for the first time ever last year. Being from out of state, that would have been good information to know.
  6. by   JDenis94
    Anybody hear anything yet?
  7. by   KJohnson2013
    Got my acceptance letter today!!
  8. by   TMoore17

    That's great!! I'm waiting to hear as well. I am assuming you are going to accept!?!?
  9. by   KJohnson2013
    Yes, I will be accepting! I hope you get yours soon! I live in greenville, so I'm sure that's why the letter came in the mail so quickly.
  10. by   JDenis94
    Congrats!!! I'm in Raleigh, so hopefully mine is not far behind.
  11. by   JDenis94
    Wait list
  12. by   JDenis94
    KJohnsono you mind sharing when the deposit is due so I have some idea of how long I'll be waiting to hear about a spot?Thanks.
  13. by   ncnative2
    I got my acceptance letter today! From NC and went to ECU for undergrad, but got into Columbia's program in NYC, so I will more than likely decline ECU. Either way, congratulations to everyone that got in!