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Ecu AE MSN admission

  1. 0 I am in the process of applying for ecu alternate entry msn program, and am frustrated that there don't seem to be any good statistics available regarding accepted students. If any of you have been accepted to this program in the past, i wonder if you woukd mind sharing what you think are competitive stats for admission?? Gpa? Gre?
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    I read that you can take the Millers or the GRE. I was looking at their program. I have a BS in Biology but I am also one semester from my RN. I would call. I emailed and the person who answers the emails don't know much. They just tell you to send your transcripts in. I am not going to do that until it might be a possibility b/c I have about 6 schools to get them from and it is a major PITA
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    I think you can take either the gre or the mat. They say their average accepted gpa is 3.4 and for the standard tests they just say over the 30th percentile, which i know is ecu's basic entrance requirement. Im not sure what is competitive still, since no one who was a successful applicant ever posts what they had to get in.
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    One of my instructors is doing her PhD there and has been an online instructor as well. I get the impression from her that if you can go in person to talk to them, and are within the ranges you mentioned, that they try to accommodate people who really want to get in the programs.
    I am going to wait just a bit, but am leaning more there than one of the UNC schools. Western Carolina is another option, but I have not researched that one yet
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    Have you gotten an interview yet kenthomas? I did finally get called for an interview, but I am not sure how far along they are in the interviewing process.
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    #5 0 interview yet! When did they contact you? Was it by phone or email?
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    They called my phone and I had an interview yesterday. It was pretty laid back and only lasted about 30 minutes. They told me they will not be notifying of decisions until the end of February or the beginning of March, so I think there is plenty of time still.
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    Thats long ago did you get the call?
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    Or was it a phone interview?
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    Planteater i sent you a private message
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    no-the interview was in person. The called the day before and gave me an option of yesterday, today, or a couple different days next week. Yesterday was the only day I could get down there (I am over 80 miles away). So, it was quite short notice. Hopefully my outfit was professional enough since I just had to put something together from what I already own! I'll go check my messages.
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    I got an interview!
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    Congratulations! I hope it goes well