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Duke University ABSN Fall 2013

  1. 0 Hey everyone! I submitted my application to Duke University's ABSN program for fall 2013 a few weeks ago, so I wanted to get some conversation started! Is anyone else applying?!
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    Wow 1,831 views but no replies? I've applied also. It's annoying that the deadline isn't until December. Now it's just a waiting game. Do you think you're going to do Duke Days if invited?
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    I completely forgot to answer back, so I'm sorry that this is getting to you so late. I will definitely be attending Duke Days if invited. I'm very excited about this program. I've heard so many excellent things about it, and cannot wait to hear back. I'm also very nervous! Haha
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    Hey everyone! I am applying to Duke's ABSN Fall 2013 as well. I am planning on submitting my application this week. Am I correct in thinking that they do not operate on a rolling admissions? I was worried that I waited too long but I have been trying to perfect everything
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    You are correct - they do not operate on rolling admissions! Everyone will be evaluated at the same time, and we should all hear sometime in December (typically before Christmas) about Duke Days, from what I have read in old posts around here! You haven't waited too long, your timing is great
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    Great! I am getting really excited to turn everything in. Duke is my top choice so I am hoping for the best! It is such a great program.
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    Mine as well! Are you from the area? I am not.
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    No, I am not from the area. It would be quite a move for me but definitely worth it.
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    Same here. Here's hoping we receive great news about interviews soon!
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    It would be a great Christmas gift! Good luck to you!
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    Good luck to you as well! We can continue to keep each other updated through this thread!
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    I'm applying too! I'm still waiting for my last recommendation to come in and then I'm clicking Submit. Can't wait to hear back! I'm applying from China so I'll be moving no matter where I go to school. NC is beautiful and would be an affordable place to live while racking up six figures of student debt. :-D
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    Hi everyone! I am also applying for Fall 2013. I just got my last recommendation letter in, so I will be submitting my application this weekend. I do live in the area, so I will be happy to answer any questions for those of you who live far away!