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Hey everyone! I submitted my application to Duke University's ABSN program for fall 2013 a few weeks ago, so I wanted to get some conversation started! Is anyone else applying?!... Read More

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    Yeah Annie keep us posted on whether or not they let you do a Skype interview. I wonder if they are less likely to do it since they have a whole program planned (not just an interview). But UW is an amazing school! I'm surprised it's not your number one choice.

    Thanks for the info on financial aid Jordan. When are you all going to Duke Days?
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    AnnieBopannie, your qualifications are very impressive. I can't imagine you not being accepted to the UW program. Which leads me to my question - since UW is so highly ranked, not to mention in a beautiful location, wouldn't it be more cost advantageous to stay in Seattle rather than to move to Philly, Baltimore, or Durham? I am not trying to dissuade you from interviewing, but since these are all second BS degree programs and all highly regarded, it seems that finances would be one of the major decision points (By the way, I am mid-life career changer. I am a CPA / MBA so return on investment is always part of my thought process).

    I was invited to Duke Days, but I am fortunate in that I live in Raleigh (30 min away from Duke campus). My preference is to go to Duke and ultimately work for one of the Duke hospitals to take advantage of the tuition reimbursement program. Though my preference is Duke, without the tuition reimbursement program the program would be cost prohibitive and University of North Carolina would then become my top choice.

    At any rate, whatever you decide will be a great choice. Good luck and maybe our paths will cross at Duke.
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    The tuition reimbursement is VERY appealing! That was something that really stood out to me about Duke, besides their stellar academic reputation and the awesome things I heard about it from so many of my friends. However, it is important to remember it only covers around $50,000 out of your loans (so roughly half of them) and you must pay taxes on it. This is important to keep in mind!
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    Yes, the reimbursement is pre-tax and is paid in yearly increments of $16,500 over three years. So factoring in the time value of money plus taxes, the reimbursement is less than $49,500 (depending on your tax rate, probably in the neighborhood of $40k). However, it does make the $75,000 tuition, fees, and books much more manageable. Of course, there are benefits to attending Duke (reputation, resources, great basketball team, etc.) that are more difficult to put a price tag on.
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    Agreed! Plus the cost of living over there isn't bad at all compared to many other programs I'm looking into!
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    I haven't been on this site in forever, but just popping in to say that the tuition reimbursement (if you get it) IS taxed - after taxes it comes out to be about $9,000/year (for the record). They also basically subtract that number from your salary, so you're not going to be making much if you work for the Duke system, but people do to get their foot in the door. Just something to consider. The cost of living is much cheaper down here though then in the North or on the West Coast, so that helps.
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    I am going March 1st to Duke days, when are others going?
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    February 22
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    I'll be attending on February 22nd. If anyone wants to meet up the night before, let me know.
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    I would be up to meet up the night before. However, I can't send you a private message. I'm going to see if the phone app will let me.

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