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Hey everyone! I submitted my application to Duke University's ABSN program for fall 2013 a few weeks ago, so I wanted to get some conversation started! Is anyone else applying?!... Read More

  1. by   sarahcee
    Hey guys, not sure if anyone else was aware of timelines for admissions decisions but I emailed **** to check. He said they expect to release final decisions on March 18th. I'm out west also (CA) and applied to UCSF, but if I can get a decent amount of scholarship money Duke might still be the cheaper option. I've lived back East before and liked it but will probably settle on the west coast, so it'd be fun to go somewhere else for a few years before settling. The ticket was definitely pricey and it's a bummer they can't at least hook us up with current students to save the hotel cost, but since Duke Days is a requirement I'm worried about it negatively affecting my application if I don't fly out. It's still really tough and the next couple months will be a squeeze financially, but I want to give myself the best chance possible.

    Does anyone know what the likelihood is of actually getting a job at one of the Duke hospitals after finishing the ABSN? That loan repayment program is extremely attractive, but if it's impossible to get a job there then it's a moot point.
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  2. by   hopefulnurse24
    When did you speak to ****? March 18th is pretty soon! And I had been told that almost every nurse who applied to Duke Hospital has gotten a job as long as loan repayment has been around. I agree about flying out there - especially because there's a group interview and group activity, along with the individual interview. It'll be worth it!
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  3. by   VickyRN
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  4. by   sarahcee
    Oops sorry for using a personal name! **** is the ABSN admissions officer at DUSON for those of you coming into this conversation later.

    @hopefulnurse24 I got an email response from CL this morning with that information. And thank you so much for providing an answer to my question! What an awesome opportunity that is, especially since it's sooooo difficult to get a job as a new grad in many parts of the country. Job security + loan repayment = amazing in my book.
  5. by   hopefulnurse24
    Ah, thanks sarahcee! That's awesome to hear. That's a really fast turn around from the last interview date, but it's great to hear that they will still honor that date. I can't remember where exactly I heard that information, but that is what I have been told and I know that the majority of people do take advantage of that. I think I read it on a past year's thread, they had discussed it at the question and answer session at the interview. I am sure it will be mentioned during the question and answer session at the interview!
  6. by   the healer's art
    Thanks for the info Sarah. I've gotten different answers from them. I don't know if it's even worth asking since the answers change all the time but I have heard March 18th the most.I agree that it is worth it to be there in person. They did mention a group interview and activity. An in person interview is different than a Skype one. But Annie that's amazing that they changed their minds for you. I'm thinking that everyone who has been offered an interview is either going to be accepted or wait listed. I guess there is a chance of being rejected too but I think it's pretty small unless we totally bomb the interview!
  7. by   laflaca
    hey everybody...just saying hello! I'm a current Duke ABSN student, and I was a superneurotic follower of this thread a year ago during our application process. Still alive and here to tell you that the interviews aren't nearly as scary as you may be imagining right now. Everyone's really helpful, and you'll do fine Good luck! Drop me a line if you have questions about Durham or the school.
  8. by   celticsgirl17
    Any advice in preparing for the interview?
  9. by   laflaca
    It's really not bad; last year our interviews were only 15 minutes or so. I recall that it was very straightforward, with questions similar to what you'd expect on any admissions essay or job interview (why nursing? why this program? your strengths and weaknesses? where do you see yourself in the future?) - nothing tricky. I normally hate group interviews, but the group activity was pretty laid back - nothing to stress out about, not one of those awful corporate things where you're desperately trying to outshine the other applicants.

    The rest of the day is just getting information, looking around, and chatting with people. For me, it was a lot less stressful than similar interviews/events at other schools. Think about your reasons for applying, think of a question or two to ask your interviewer, wear business clothes that are reasonably comfy...you'll do fine!
  10. by   hopefulnurse24
    Who interviews you, typically? An admissions officer or a faculty member?

    I'm really excited, but really nervous because this is my top choice school so of course, I want things to go well!

    PS - The group interview sounds really nerve wracking to me, because what if someone says what you wanted to answer the question with?! Coming up with something new to say in situations like that can be hard! Haha.
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  11. by   kmac7

    "The group interview sounds really nerve wracking to me, because what if someone says what you wanted to answer the question with?! Coming up with something new to say in situations like that can be hard! Haha."

    I was thinking the same thing! I guess "what she said" isn't a good answer. lol. What day are you interviewing?
  12. by   hopefulnurse24
    Hahaha, right?! I interview next week!
  13. by   kmac7
    Me too! See you there