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Hi there- My name is Sandy and I am applying to the Duke ABSN for Spring 2011, just wondering if there is anyone else out there applying? Only 2 months till the deadline and I am trying to get my personal statement finished,... Read More

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    Thanks for great info, Sandy and Spring2011!!

    I didn't know that there will be two separate interviews...

    Anyway, thanks again! Wish the best all of you!

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    Quote from glassprn
    Thanks for great info, Sandy and Spring2011!!

    I didn't know that there will be two separate interviews...

    Anyway, thanks again! Wish the best all of you!
    Yep, and they're short, and the questions are very very very generic.

    My advice - find something that will make you stand out a bit. Especially if your "why nursing" and "my weaknesses" etc are fairly generic - which isn't a bad thing, we all want to help people and we're all perfectionists and need to work on time management and prioritizing and yada yada yada... but it makes you forgettable in an interview. When I interviewed in January, I casually mentioned my experiences working as a journalist in the Caribbean and the interviewer and I ended up spending most of our interview time talking about Duke students' efforts to help nursing students in Haiti after the earthquake. We kind of had to rush the last question in with about 2 minutes to spare, but that really didn't matter, because we'd been thoroughly engaged in something I could be passionate and well-spoken about. She was actually reluctant to end the interview and let me go on to my second one - must have worked, because I was accepted.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is, yes, you need to answer their questions, but you also need to be yourself and figure out what makes you a unique and diverse applicant. Duke is NOT all about numbers - they focus a lot on pulling together a diverse class of mature applicants. So even if you're not someone with medical background or a killer GPA (I had med experience only as a patient and a measly 3.3 GPA), it doesn't necessarily hurt you - but you definitely need to stand out and be impressive in the interview.
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    I agree. I think my second interview went better because I got to talk about my experience with helping people in Romania. We spent a good deal on that. She asked me more questions about it and I just kept talking because it was one of the best experiences of my life! I hope that made me stand out...and hopefully I will get in! =) gosh I'm so impatient...can August get here already?
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    It's crazy! I feel like the interviews went well, overall. In my first one I stumbled a little bit but the second was smoother. I guess its all depends on what they are looking for! Everyone, I mean EVERYONE I talked to seemed really impressive. Guess I am just gonna be a nervous wreck for the next month! I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to go to Duke LOL!

    How many applicants do you think they got for this cycle? and how many are they interviewing? I would think they have that data by now...And how many spots? I've heard 50 and 66? So nervous....so very nervous!
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    Did they reflect upon on your personal essays for questions?
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    It didn't seem like it. I think we were all given the same basic questions. I am not even sure if my interviewers read my personal statement. I brought up a part of my statement to elaborate and she acted surprised and asked more questions....which gave me the impression she hadn't read it.
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    They don't have access to your personal statement pre-interview, no.
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    Good afternoon everyone!

    My my how I was so delighted to find this thread. I knew AllNurses was large, but was not sure if there would be a specific thread for our hopeful future class. This is great! I just finished my application for Spring 2011 admission, and was invited for an interview about a week later! I will be flying down to the area from Louisville, KY for my interview on August 6th. I am very excited, and am actually a "good" nervous, not freaking out (haha). One of my closest friends lives in Raleigh but I believe I will be staying in a hotel next to Duke so I can get adequate sleep. I am curious as to if anyone else is doing the same - and maybe would like to meet the night before just for a bit? Possibly even get a group of people. I think it would be great to get some people together, even if it is just on here, and we could plan on eating breakfast together (or such). I would love to talk to other students that have taken the initiative to get on here and interact with one another, it makes me happy

    Please let me know if anyone would be interested; I wish the best to everyone who has and is currently interviewing!
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    Sandy H and Spring 2011,

    Thanks so much for sharing! Its good to know that you went in and came out okay I don't know what I'm expecting, but I tend to get nervous, talk fast, giggle, (not very charming for interviews)... Anyway, I feel more peaceful now. I am kind of jealous that you guys have the interviews over with already! I can't wait until we're all waiting in anticipation together Can you believe that we will all probably know in the next 30-40 days??
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    Just wanted to say GOOD LUCK to everyone interviewing tomorrow!

    That's me cheering you on! LOL!

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