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Hi there- My name is Sandy and I am applying to the Duke ABSN for Spring 2011, just wondering if there is anyone else out there applying? Only 2 months till the deadline and I am trying to get my... Read More

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    Sandy! You must be thrilled to finish summer classes.
    I still have two more weeks to go....Ah....
    My interview is this Friday and I'm excited and nervous.
    I had a phone interview for U of Rochester on Monday and I felt "OK".
    Hopefully, I will do better on Friday =)
    BTW, did you apply for financial aid(especially grants) already?
    I was bummed because the deadline is August 6th.
    I wish I can do it after acceptance notification.
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    Glassprn - At least in the fin aid session I attended, they definitely said to go ahead and apply before they send out notifications. So I'd say go for it...! Good luck on Friday :-D
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    Congrats on the interview at U of R! I'm sure you did better than you think! Try not to be too nervous about the Duke interview. They are absolutely wonderful and really make you feel comfortable. You will do great!

    I did fill out the Duke application for financial aid, but I haven't completed any of the essays for the scholarships because I just haven't had the time. I'm thinking I will try and write something up over the next day or so, but I'm not sure how eligible I am for several of the awards. I agree that I wish I knew if I was accepted before I spend a lot of time writing up essays!! I have done a lot of research on nursing grants and scholarships including the one's listed on Duke's website and I am finding that the application deadlines have already passed for several (they are catered toward fall start dates, not spring). Looks like I am gonna depend a lot on loans!

    Good Luck on Friday!!
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    So I'm starting to get nervous because I'm remembering just how impressive some of the people were that I met on my interview day. At least we know it will be a great class!!

    Being an international student, I'm out of luck for financial aid which stinks. I'm going to have to convince the Canadian banks that it makes more sense for me to pay $60,000 for nursing in the US rather than $15,000 here because Duke is just that awesome.

    I hate waiting......
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    I hear ya! Everybody I met was just awesome. They all had great experiences and great stories! I interviewed on the 16th and have been tearing my interview apart in my head since then! I walked out of the interview feeling great, but now that I've had time to think about it....there were things I could have said better or details I could have added....I guess that's what happens when you wonder if you are up to par against a bunch of great people!! I think you are right though....It's gonna be an great class!!

    Good luck with convincing the banks...hopefully you won't have any problems since Duke IS awesome and such a reputable school!!
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    I've heard that the committee is meeting sometime during the week of Aug. 9-13!!

    I wonder what time on Monday we will find out, I don't want to spend the day stalking my mailbox!!
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    LOL I'm already stalking...I know there's not going to be anything there yet...but there is always wishful hoping! Next week will be crazy....cause we actually may find out before the 16th. From what I have read on past message boards...the results usually show on your application page first!
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    Oh Dear. I'm already so excited for tomorrow that I can't eat!

    Does anyone know what traffic is like in the morning coming from south of Raleigh? I'm driving from Fayetteville, NC. I'll probably just leave way too early anyway!

    Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!
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    Is everyone just emailing their Scholarship essays??
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    I called and asked if i could just bring it with me and they said yes, so I'm just handing mine in tomorrow. Good luck for everyone tomorrow! I'm looking forward to meeting you all and seeing the beautiful campus!! I'm going to bed NOW so I can be up at 4am. Sweet dreams I can't wait for tomorrow
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    Good Luck to everyone interviewing tomorrow!!!
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    Yes, everyone, good luck tomorrow! Can't wait to hear what you all will have to say about it. you'll love it! have funnn!
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    Quote from Yogi Mel
    Oh Dear. I'm already so excited for tomorrow that I can't eat!

    Does anyone know what traffic is like in the morning coming from south of Raleigh? I'm driving from Fayetteville, NC. I'll probably just leave way too early anyway!

    Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!
    Yogi Mel: I wouldn't worry too much about traffic most of the way, but I would plan on trying to get around Raleigh before rush hour really gets going...the loops around Raleigh (440 and 540) can get pretty busy in both directions in the morning and evening (even though you won't have to go far on them). If you end up running a little late don't stress too much though, because the parking garage is directly across from the School of Nursing and even though the schedule shows an 8:30am start they seem like they don't actually expect everyone to be there until nine (that's when the introduction started).

    Good luck to everyone interviewing tomorrow, enjoy the day!!!