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    Hi all!
    Just wanted to start a thread for the people applying to duke for the fall of 2012. I am super excited/nervous to be filling out the application! I know that there are others out there feeling the same way. If anybody is willing to comment I would love to hear from some people who have applied, accepted or denied, or applying right now, or even going to apply in the future.

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    Moved to NC Nursing Programs Discussion forum for more responses.

    Good luck!
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    thank you!
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    You are welcome.
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    Hi! I am going to be applying to Duke's ABSN program for Fall 2012 also! I am very nervous but also very excited at the thought of going to such a great school. I'm from the Boston area and went to school in NYC so a move to North Carolina would be a big change for me. At this point I am almost certain I will also apply to UNC-Chapel Hill and George Washington U. What other schools are you considering?
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    Hello! That is so exciting! I noticed that a lot of people on here have applied to the Spring term but I haven't really seen that many Fall '12 applicants. I am from California so I understand the big change of scenery part! I am just waiting to take the GRE so I can send in my application! I was considering applying to University of Denver in Colorado and possibly a few other schools but Duke is my number one choice!
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    Hi guys! Did anyone attend the information session last night? I did, and I thought it was really good. The student panel was especially interesting. Got a handout that lists the total program tuition and fees cost estimate as $65,008 - ouch. But I think it's definitely worth it considering the fact that you will have 896 total clinical/lab hours by the time you graduate. Thoughts?
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    I didn't get to go to the meeting although I really would have liked to have gone. That is quite expensive only for a year but from what I have noticed Duke has a lot more clinic hours than other schools which is a big plus for me! What else was covered in the information meeting? Was there a ton of people there?
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    There were maybe 65 people there? But that includes family members and spouses (some people brought their parents/husbands/wives, etc). There was definitely a big age range between everybody there. The program chair talked and then they did a faculty panel and a student panel, and then M (the nice admissions lady) talked about the application and requirements (the personal statement section has been revamped) and a financial aid lady talked - the session lasted the whole 2 hours. Most of the info was what is on the website, but the program chair gave everybody a PowerPoint that has the stats for the most recent classes (how many people applied, were accepted, majors, average age, etc) and broke down the four semesters (when you have classes and clinicals) so that was interesting. I thought the faculty panel did a little too much pandering to the audience (but I guess all admissions people are like that, ha ha). The students and alumni were really honest, so that was probably my favorite part (bottom line - you absolutely cannot work at all while you're in the program). Sounds like a great but very busy 16 months!
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    Oh ok. That sounds like it was a helpful meeting to go to. Did she say anything specific about the application? I noticed that the personal statement is now just three questions instead of the essay format. That is kind of nice but at the same time it's hard to express what you mean in 250 words. Haha. That is interesting about the program chair too. Are you looking into the research or spanish path? I would like to do the spanish path but I am horrible at spanish already and don't think it's very realistic if I tried to do it in a nursing program. Haha. It's always nice when they are honest. Was the overall vibe good? Did the students seem happy with there decision? I assume they would pick the good student. Ha. It would suck not to work during but it would probably be impossible with the course load and studying! Overall I think it's my top choice for school! Now I just gotta get my application going, just waiting to take the GRE this friday! Ahhhhh

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