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Hi all! Just wanted to start a thread for the people applying to duke for the fall of 2012. I am super excited/nervous to be filling out the application! I know that there are others out there feeling the same way. If anybody is... Read More

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    CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE! So excited to meet you all in person very soon - that goes for you too, ABSNhopeful, because I'm sure you're joining us
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    Waitlist :-/

    Congrats to everyone who got it! I already sent in my deposit for another school weeks ago, so I think I will be giving up on Duke.
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    Things are looking good for the wait list, imo... I think 13 people from the second round have joined so far and 1 person from the first dropped - so FB group at 50. And a few people seem to be undecided yet. Sit tight!!

    Is anybody else wondering if we're going to have a smaller class? I wonder what the # was at this time last year...
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    Ahh!! That's good to know for us wait listers! I emailed to see if we would find out sooner then the 19th and she said that they are waiting till then to offer to the wait list but she expects to pull from it. This is so nerve wracking. I hate all the waiting and the 19th just seems so far away! Did all you second rounders receive your financial aid package yet? Good news? Bad new? Just trying to prepare myself if I do finally get accepted!
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    Yes, it is bad news. But the good news is for you waitlisters-even if I was wanting to do nursing still, I'm not sure I could go to Duke. I think Duke is worth the money but it's just so expensive for another bachelor's degree. I got about 5k in loans and would need to come up with the rest. They talked about the hrsa scholarships at Duke days though, so that's always a possibility if it's something you're really passionate about!
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    totally not trying to be a debbie downer or anything, but as far as financial aid goes, expect the worst, and it probably won't even be that good. i'm sure they do the best they can, but definitely don't count on financial aid to help fund this program.
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    Dang I was assuming that it would be expensive but was kind of expecting some scholarship. Maybe not though. Oh well I guess I have to worry about getting in first. Is anyone else on the wait list still planning to go to duke? Or just me? Haha.
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    Fingers crossed for everybody on the wait list - maybe something will go out on Friday? Sending all my good vibes out into the universe!
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    Thanks, much appreciated! I got a call today from Duke asking if I will interview for the MADIN program via Skype tomorrow! So hopefully that's a good sign!
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    That's an amazing sign!! So happy for you!

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