Do I have to take an $$ case to return to nursing?

  1. I left nursing in 2004 when I had baby #2 after about 3 years of hospital work on cardio-thoracic step down units, (started at Duke Univ.).
    I am looking at getting back into nursing - maybe PACU or something less stressful - but my husband has lost his job and we home school our kids so I do NOT have the money for some long, $ re-education course.
    My nurse mother in law (NJ) has said that those courses are unnecessary and that your re-education is up to the potential employer.
    Is that true? What have other people found to be the case?
    I was thinking of looking at Wakemed/area hospitals.

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  3. by   traumaRUs
    I'd apply and see what they say. Can't hurt to ask.
  4. by   Heather Clausen
    I was planning on talking to human resources at an area hospital and seeing what they said.