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Is anyone else starting at DCCC this fall? I recently was accepted in the ADN program there and GTCC. i decided to stay at DCCC since I am already enrolled there.I was just trying to see if I had... Read More

  1. by   IndySimp
    Does anyone know the average teas scores that make it into the ADN program at DCCC? I have applied there for ADN and LPN, Forsyth Tech LPN, SPCC LPN, and Guilford Tech LPN ( working on completing it by the April 9th deadline @ gtcc). My teas V score is 68.7. It kicked my butt! I'm so nervous and anxious to find out if I am accepted. DCCC is the school I really WANT to attend.
  2. by   olivialen1
    The teas is a test i never want to see again. Lol. It is not the only factor in getting in. They use a point system. You get pounts for your teas score, anatomy 1 and 2 grades, other classes like psych, if you luve in county. Check with the school to get a list of how they add up or talk to addmissions. They will be able to let you know your point standing. Good luck
  3. by   olivialen1
    Sorry for the horrible spelling, my phone is terrible to type on.