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  1. hi everyone,

    i am a newly graduated cna and i am looking for employment in the durham, nc area. i have applied for a few positions at duke and durham regional hospitals, but i am a bit nervous about the process. could anyone give some advice on good units to apply for that will give me some well rounded experience in maybe ekgs, drawing blood, that type of thing. i am really interested in peds/niccu or even l&d/mother and baby...but i am open to anything that will be good experience. also could anyone help me in figuring out what the average starting pay is for someone with little to no experience? i made this career move hoping that it would be better support for my growing family...i am most defiantly going to move on to nursing school, but in the mean time i wanted to find a stable income that would get me through the next 3 yrs of tuition, and the scheduling at the hospitals seem ideal for a working student. any insight and advice would be helpful. thanks :redpinkhe
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    Sometimes it is hard to get a job at a hospital unless you have experience. If you do, good luck.
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    I hope there is someone out there that could answer my questions or has some advice...please help
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    Even though I did not have anyone answer my questions...I do have information for anyone interested in Durham Regional Hospital. I applied for a position in the Emergency Department, and was recently HIRED by the department. I started orientation on Jan. 3rd, no experience needed. Thanks anyway!!!
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    congratulations the new year started of on a great note for you!
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    To MDS:CNAI -

    I'm looking to do just the same...I've been wanting to go into nursing for sometime - I recently lost my job, so I'm making the most of this opportunity and getting my NA-1 certification as quickly as possible to get headed in the right direction (experience, income, and flexible scheduling).
    Any insight you've gained between your posting date and now would be greatly appreciated! (or anyone else for that matter!)

    Much thanks!
  8. by   lnjenkins

    Thank you for updating your unanswered post! This at least gives me some hope! Out of curiosity, were did you complete your CNA course? ...I'm wondering if you've heard any positive/negative feedback, regarding program options, from other CNA's?