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  1. I just heard that the new policy at Cherry Hospital in Goldsboro, NC, is....phasing out of all travelers and agency nurses! Does anyone who is familiar with this hospital believe this is possible?
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  3. by   fawnsternurse
    There is "truth" in that rumor. However due to the fact that at this time Cherry Hospital is so short staffed and down so many nurses they have reconsidered and are allowing those of us who are already there to resign. This information is to the best of my knowledge.
    I am sure that there will be a day when Cherry no longer will accept Travel Nurses but at this time it would be premature in light of their current situation.
    What I am not sure of is whether they will accept any more new contract nurses.
    You may contact Supplemental Health Care to determine that. I am out of the Buffalo office and their number is:
    If you are applying ask for Kathryn Patchell and tell her Mary jo referred you. If you are a current employee then I hope I answered some of your questions.
    Good Luck!
  4. by   mag48293
    Hi MaryJo,

    Yep, it's Marilyn. You and I met way back during my frst assignment at cherry last spring. I've heard that contracts are not being 'automatically' renewed, as they were in the past. But have also heard, from some people up the ladder that even they don't think cherry can make it without travellers. Just too many slots to fill, and not enough nurses. May I email your privately regading an issue I've come across at Cherry?

    Will look for your answer before I email you.
    Marilyn (from Pa)
  5. by   fawnsternurse
    Hi Marilyn!
    Nice to hear from you. You can feel free to email me privately. I am off wednsday and thursday so I will be able to check messages.
    Mary Jo
  6. by   mag48293
    and I'm thrilled! I just have a heck of a time getting myself to 'normal' in the marning....have to drink lots of coffee! contract was renewed, so I'll be here until atleast Mid March!
    See ya' around the Hospital, Mary Jo.
  7. by   asb_316
    Cherry Hospital is hiring new travelers as some of the ones there now either leave because that is what they want to do or their contract is not renewed for some reason. Like most places, Cherry would like to have just their own nurses, however, that does not appear to be an option at this time. So, if you enjoy being there, just keep renewing your contract.