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  1. Hello,

    In HS I had a 3.78 GPA and went off to study animal science at another school before i realized i wanted to be a nurse. I recently completed my BS at NCSU with a 2.9 GPA (not so good) and I am enrolling in a CNA class that will finish in march. This way I can have medical experience before i apply to schools (CCHS, Cabarrus, CPCC & Mercy). I am very interested in going to Carolina College of Health Science but I have a few questions::

    1. The pre-nursing track guarantees admission with a 3.25 GPA from 4 classes HOWEVER I have a 3.36 GPA in 3 out of the 4 (a&p I&II, college math). So does this mean I shouldn't bother with pre-nursing track and just go for ADN??

    2. Since i completed a science degree already, will I have to retake any of the other classes for general ed. (i.e. ive already taken micro, soc, eng, and psy). -- should this give me a better chance??--

    I also plan to take the TEAS exam for Mercy and CPCC but want to know if anyone has advice on what else i need to do before completing applications for FALL 2015. I know i have a year, but time goes by fast.
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  3. by   nlynrob
    There are programs designed for people that already have a degree called Second Degree BSN or Accelerated BSN. You could also do a Direct Entry MSN program. You wouldn't have to take any gen Ed's I don't think and you'd have a BSN or MSN in the same amount of time or less time than an associates program would take. Here's a list of schools offering them by state:
  4. by   aBoxerMom

    I thought that for MSN you need to become a RN first??? Honestly i was looking at some BSN programs but because my undergrad GPA is only a 2.98 they want me to retake a couple of classes and i dont have the finances for it. Especially since NCSU cost so much.. So currently im looking for ADN programs that pay 80% of your tuition back if you agree to work for them.

    But thank you so much.. Im gonna check that website out.
  5. by   lavender19
    If you're looking at direct entry MSN programs you don't need an RN or BSN license. Depending on the program, you will get your RN or BSN along with your MSN during the duration of the program. I don't know what your long term goals are, but I'm in a similar boat as you. I have an Animal Science major also and want to go into nursing. The direct entry program are for those interested in the nurse practitioner field.
  6. by   aBoxerMom

    I couldn't find anything about a program like that.. a lot of what im finding is ABSN and honestly they are just too expensive on top of my loans currently..But im similar to you in that im trying for a NP eventually as well.

    I wish you luck in your path.

  7. by   lavender19

    I gave you a link that shows all these programs for the direct entry master's program. Some are just a little bit more expensive than the ABSN programs, but you may save more money because it would cost more to get your BSN first, then your Master's. Pursue whatever is most convenient for you!
  8. by   Medic2RN
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  9. by   RunnerRN2015
    I'm currently a student at Carolinas College of Health Sciences...I LOVE IT! I did the pre-nursing track since I had all of my gen ed's done EXCEPT for the sciences. It worked out perfectly for me. Are your sciences within 5 years? If so, you may want to apply to nursing, but your GPA may be too low to get in. It's highly competitive. Your ENG, SOC, PSY, and micro should transfer.

    FWIW, CCHS and Mercy students have a much better reputation on the floors than CPCC students.
  10. by   aBoxerMom

    Thats the school i really want to go to-- but im nervous about my undergrad GPA-- I just graduated Dec '12 so its certainly in the time frame-- I did calculate my GPA for the sciences that would be required if i did the pre-nursing path and I have a 3.36 in those classes so im hoping that helps. Im taking my time off trying to improve my resume and make myself look better since my gpa is only a 2.9--

    Thanks for the advice-- im really hoping it will work out.