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Does anyone have any information about the Diploma RN school offered by Mercy? Has anyone gone there or know someone that has? Would you please share information about it with me?... Read More

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    Congratulations, phsongrad, I'm proud to see that you've stuck it out and have almost made it!! I read somewhere that the average age of nurses right now is 45 years old, and I think the bulk of those are the ones like me, who graduated back in the dark ages. We "old-school" types are often accused of "eating our young"--throwing students or new grads into situations where they may not be comfortable, giving you the skut jobs, not providing enough support or help, and definitely not enough mentoring.... and we wonder why new nurses burn out so quickly!
    I hope you will be able to find a seasoned veteran wherever you end up working, and pump her/him for their wisdom, experience, their screw-ups and their successes. After graduation is when the REAL learning begins!! Good luck, and I'm proud of you all!!

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    I appreciate all the in-put that Phsongrad and Marlo 2 b RN have given me. This is a wonderful site to learn from others. I have completed all the pre-nursing courses, Micro, A&P's, English's, Speech, Communication, Chemistry and many others, except for the Algebra I am taking this semester. I haven't had Sociology as many of the colleges don't require it, so that would be the only know course I might have to take. I also was able to do a one day clinical and written exam to become a CNA 1 that many schools require. I am ready to jump in the first school that will have me. In other words, I am good to go!! Just don't know where I am going or if I will take the Excelsior classes if I can't get in the Spring or Summer session start. Thanks again!!!
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    To add to the previous msg....
    I am currently in CPCC's program and will graduate in May.
    It is an excellent program. Applications for admission for next years program are due some time in december I believe.
    With CHS and Presby you need your CNA when you apply.
    You do not need it at CPCC. All programs are going to get you your degree ..but you also have to look at how well you're prepared to take the NCLEX....or it wont matter what kind of degree you have. I would also advise taking as many prereq classes as possible before starting..especially if you have a family or like to breath occasionally. All the nursing courses at CPCC are during the day..they are at the vast majority of the schools around here...I havent heard of any night classes may have a clinical or two at night..but plan for the day.
    One word to learn for nursing school..FLEXIBLE.....
    that is the one word they taught us at orientation..
    I still have the occasional panic moment trying to fit everything in...but the end is in sight..
    hope this helps

    ANS is a wonderful thing..............
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    Once I decided that I wanted to persue an RN license, I applied to every program for 5 counties around. At the time, I lived in Denton, (Davidson County), & I applied to Davidson Co. Comm. Col.; CPCC; Forsyth Tech; GTCC; UNC-G: UNC-C: Presbyterian; Pfieffer; Stanley; get the picture. I thought Presbyterian was a very impressive school. They answered my questions, were willing to help, & put me in touch with an upperclass student to give me a better feel for the program. I've only heard good things about them.
    Either way, my advice is " don't put all your eggs in one basket".
    You don't have to get as crazy as I did with the applications, but definitely apply to more than one school. Do it quickly! Deadlines are passing for this fall! (2004)
    Good Luck!

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