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Does anyone have any information about the Diploma RN school offered by Mercy? Has anyone gone there or know someone that has? Would you please share information about it with me?... Read More

  1. by   rn_in_05
    Once I decided that I wanted to persue an RN license, I applied to every program for 5 counties around. At the time, I lived in Denton, (Davidson County), & I applied to Davidson Co. Comm. Col.; CPCC; Forsyth Tech; GTCC; UNC-G: UNC-C: Presbyterian; Pfieffer; Stanley; get the picture. I thought Presbyterian was a very impressive school. They answered my questions, were willing to help, & put me in touch with an upperclass student to give me a better feel for the program. I've only heard good things about them.
    Either way, my advice is " don't put all your eggs in one basket".
    You don't have to get as crazy as I did with the applications, but definitely apply to more than one school. Do it quickly! Deadlines are passing for this fall! (2004)
    Good Luck!