1. I will graduate this December 09. I am from Michigan and plan to relocate to a Southern state. I was considering the Atlanta area but after doing some research I feel that it may not be the best fit for me. I am now looking into moving to Charlotte. I am a single female and hope to start my family wherever I end up settling. I would appreciate any info about the Charlotte area hospitals and prospects for new grads. I don't have much time so I have alot of work to do before my lease is up this coming February. Thanks in advance
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  3. by   mrsshifflette09
    I live in NC and I went to school near Charlotte. There are several wonderful hospitals in the area. Look up the CMC Hospitals, there are a lot. Also, Gaston Memorial isn't far from Charlotte, and they love new grads!!

    Good luck with your move to the South!! You will love it here!
  4. by   LadyEJ BSN, RN
    Thank you so much for the info!
  5. by   gigi01
    i will like to move to Charlotte too when i graduate
  6. by   EDis4me
    I agree. Gaston Memorial is the place to go. I did clinicals at 2-3 hospitals in Charlotte, but I have been most happy at Gaston Memorial. The atmosphere is so supportive. I have not seen any "nurses eating their young." It really seems like everyone wants you to succeed as much as you want that for yourself. Check out their website
  7. by   Abishag
    Charlotte hospitals are at this point NOT understaffed. So there are not a lot of job opportunities (you'll be competing with other graduates and there are a LOT) and also not a lot of overtime if that is something you were counting on. However there are other hospitals in the area that may need nurses like Gaston or Lake Norman or even Fort Mill, SC (you can live in Charlotte and its 15 minutes over the border).

    Just FYI...we've had the discussion from HR at our affiliated hospital (we graduate in December too) and she stated she can't guarantee we'll get an interview. Whereas last year they guaranteed at least one interview, but most got three. They're advising us to not wait for what we want but jump at the first opportunity.