CCHS/Concord Spring 2012 admissions

  1. Is anyone out there applying to CCHS for spring 2012? I submitted my application mid-September and was told that letters will go out around the beginning of November? How many students do they usually take? It seems to be a nice school and a friendly environment.

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  3. by   Emme P
    Hi Dana! I also applied for spring '12. According to the website we will hear something by Nov. 15th. I'm not sure how many students they take but Ive heard it's extremely competitive. Ive heard that people applying with out being in their per nursing program has a tougher time getting accepted but I hope that's just a rumor! I have A's in all my pre-reqs and a 3.9 gpa so hopefully that will be good enough. I took my ACT there last Tuesday but am still waiting on the results. I don't feel confident about it though The school and staff are awesome so I'd love to get my nursing education there. I'm so nervous! Good luck to you!
  4. by   S.RN
    What does CCHS/Concord stand for? I am thinking of relocating to NC and looking into nursing programs to apply to...
  5. by   Emme P
    Cabarrus college of health sciences.
  6. by   NerdyNurse2012
    They generally take about 45-50 students into the nursing program each semester. It really is extremely competitive.
  7. by   Emme P
    Quote from NerdyNurse2012
    They generally take about 45-50 students into the nursing program each semester. It really is extremely competitive.
    Do/did you go there? What was ur gpa, act etc?
  8. by   NerdyNurse2012
    I do go there. I got in with a 4.7 from high school, 4.0 from credits that transferred from my previous degree, and 1460 (out of 1600) on the SAT. I also took A&P 1/2 there along with some humanities the semester before I got in (4.0 in those).
  9. by   Emme P
    Nerdy you have great grades! I'm confused bc I read some of your previous posts that said you were wait listed at a few places bc of ur low gpa.? Either way, congrats on getting into the program! Hopefully, I'll be at Cabarrus with you in January! I'm anxiously waiting the letter to come in!
  10. by   NCtraveler87
    I went to Carolinas College of Health Science, which is together with Cabarrus. I graduated in 2010. Absolutely loved the school and the teachers. Don't know much about the program you're going to but it was hard to get in and the school itself is very hard! They make it hard to weed people out! We had 100% pass rate on the NCLEX! All the hard work was def. worth it. From what I remember I started in Jan and I believe I got my acceptance letter towards the end of Nov or right before Thanksgiving. Hope that helps!
  11. by   dana481
    Good luck to everyone!
  12. by   dana481
    I've heard from a current student that they are looking to accept 45-48 students for Spring--half incoming students and half current students. My anxiety level has tripled since applying. The 15th is Tuesday so we should be getting letters this week! NERVOUS!
  13. by   Emme P
    Wow! So that leaves only 22 or so spots for outside applicants? Oh my I just got a lot more nervous!!! Everyone who applied let's keep each other Posted if we get our letters! Good luck!! Only a few more days!
  14. by   ianfamgrl1022
    I'm super nervous too. Good luck to you too.