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Wondering if anyone applied to this, and if anyone can tell me the difference between the Advance and Journey options that we have to pick!... Read More

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    Had an interview at Vanderbilt and hear back mid April! really hoping for that one!!

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    Wow, that's wonderful!!! What an amazing program. I really hope it works out for you
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    Thank you do you have any other interviews or programs lined up? I feel like I've applied for a Ron but have gotten rejected by all of them!!
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    I know what you mean. :/ I have had a couple of phone interviews recently and I'll find out the results in a week or two. **fingers crossed**
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    @Godsmissinangel1, Did you interview with CMC? @snfairfax, good luck with the process in Vanderbilt!
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    No, not with CMC. I haven't heard from CMC yet. Have you?
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    Not yet, but they called me to let me know that I was moving forward in the application process. I am just waiting for them to schedule an interview. I hope I get the position!
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    Wow, congratulations, that's wonderful! Do you know how long ago they called you??
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    They called on 3/27...
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    I think all of the jouney interviews were done last week. Sorry if you didn't have an interview . The interviews are done by the individual nursing units. You could be asked to interview with a few of the ICUs or just one or none. The hiring managers and interview teams for that unit decide who to call in. Which also means, you could interview with several units and have job offers from more than one unit. In which case you then get to pick which unit you want to accept an offer from.

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