Cape Fear Valley - New Grad program

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    Hello all,

    I recently graduated in June from the ADN program at UCBA in Cincinnati. I moved up here from Wilmington where I worked as ED registration @ NHRMC and always hoped to get back on there as 7 years away from the beach is WAY too long. I have had 0 luck getting selected for an interview there but then I came across the Nurse Academy at CFV. I had a great conversation with the recruiter and feel good about the possibility about getting on there.

    Has anyone gone through or currently in this program? IF how how do you like it and how was the interview process? On paper this looks like an amazing opportunity and exactly what I was looking for as a new grad.
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    I'm into my 3rd week of the New Grad Academy for the Emergency Department at CFV. I think the academies offer alot of structure and support which really helps with transition into the real world. It also sometimes feels like you are still in school (but getting paid!) because we are taking a million classes on policy and such. The Academy also builds camraderie which has been great for the many new nurses that relocated here.
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    I am really hoping to get into the ED program as well. Sent you a PM with a couple questions. Thanks !
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    Hi, did you get in? I applied for their New grad program and have an interview soon. I would like to know anything about the hospital and Fayetteville in general but I am not sure how to send you a private message (kinda new here)
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    Thank you for your message. Congrats!!! Thats really great to hear! I can't answer private bc I don't have enough posts... I'm going there Monday...
    Would you like to send me an email? - - I would love to hear more about the process and keep in touch. Truly appreciate it!
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    Just wondering, those of you that are in the program how do you like it. Just got hired on for med surg. Any info helps. I dont start till feb
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    I'll be starting in Feb too.
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    Where are you gonna be working? Ill be in med surg family centered care
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    I'll be in the ED.
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    I work at SRMC and will graduate from Nursing school in May. I really like my hospital, but an considering the benefits if attending a nurse residency program. What is it like behind in the program? What do people who we've through the program or are currently enrolled think of the program?

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