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Hi All, I will be moving to Fayetteville, NC from CA to start my New Grad Progressive Care Residency at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center and am soooo nervous. I was wondering A) if anyone has... Read More

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    I did the residency program at Cape Fear last year. Loved the program was great being a new grad and helping you "get your feet wet" prior to being on your own. Theres really not anything you can study, you will have a lot of classes and you will learn most of your info from there. As far as the hospital... good luck!!! Kind of a nightmare right now. I just left in October, it was amazing when I started but has gone really downhill in the past 6months or so. I loved the people I worked with but the management has issues and they work you like dogs.. 6 patients at a time 4 or 5 of which probably should be in ICU but there aren't enough beds. Not trying to scare you, just being truthful. I hope your experience there is better than mine was. The biggest thing you need to work on asap is TIME Management! It will def prepare you for furthering your experience and prepare you for other jobs in the future. Hope I didn't scare you too bad, you will be fine just be prepared to WORK HARD! Email with any further questions or concerns!

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    Can I ask what your starting pay was? I graduate next year, and I may be moving up there.
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    they just got in trouble again
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    It doesn't shock me. I've heard bad things about working there as a nurse. I had my children there and everything was o.k., but I don't think they treat their nurses good. An ER nurse did tell me that if you can make it there you can make it anywhere!

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