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hey cfcc students has anyone applied for the upcoming fall 2013 admission?... Read More

  1. by   KAO7893
    I'm not sure because if you go off of what the department head said then you go when orientation is but if you go off of what the point count advisor said then you have to wait until classes start.
  2. by   Jessie309
    Thanks everyone...just stinks to be in limbo! I must be low down the alternate list, my point count was 334 or 335. Next time I have class I will stop by and find out my # - they will not tell you over the phone. Congrats to all who made it...that's awesome!
  3. by   golferguync
    Congratulations to all of you that got in for Fall 2013. You have all earned your spot by working hard and getting the grades needed. Jessie309 I think you may be one the last alternates because I had 331.5 and did not get in so with your 334 I can only imagine you would be one of the last alternates.
  4. by   CFCC13
    Blondiegirl- did you get in?
  5. by   Blondiegirl
    I was away from home when my letter came so ill see today. Did you get in CFCC?
  6. by   kitkat7
    Hey all.. Just found this blog and thought I would let you all know I made a 348 for total points and was put on the alternate list. This is my 3rd year trying and I thought for sure I would be in this year especially with what last years points were! I improved my PSB and although I didn't finish all my pre reqs, I still thought my score would be high enough. Becoming a nurse is my dream but, after 3 years and just being an alternate it looks like I need to move on to something else. Anyways, congrats to all who got in!
  7. by   mmtnurse7
    Kitkat, don't be discouraged! You are probably pretty high on the alternate list, so just make sure you are at orientation and hopefully you'll get a spot!
  8. by   kitkat7
    mmtnurse7, Admissions told me that they can't create spots and that an alternate will only get in if someone drops out..they wont make room just because you go to the orientation so I doubt anyone would give up their spot in the program. I know I wouldn't!!!
  9. by   mmtnurse7
    I know they won't create a spot but people have to decline for various reasons or they get into a better school, so stay optimistic! And be at orientation so if there is a spot(s) it could be yours!
  10. by   golferguync
    KitKat I agree with mmtnurse. Follow this all the way to the end since this is your dream don't let it go so easily. Yes you may be an alternate but there are many reasons that people pursue other interest and give up their spot. You may have to wait a little longer but stick with it.
  11. by   CNACF13
    Scratch the LPN program I think im going to just become a paramedic...still in that environment but in all the action. Plus its so rewarding because you are the one who is the first line of defense! EMT here I come! WOO
  12. by   kitkat7
    Thanks for the encouragement guys! I went in and met with a counselor yesterday to express how upset I was and what I should do about maybe applying a fourth year or going down a different path and she said that next year they will be taking 180 ADN students! A new sheet will be released in the fall when the 2013 period opens! She def encouraged me and some of my friends to re-apply next year because with our scores she didn't see why we wouldn't be in unless they got like 600 applicants but, based off of the past few years that is unlikely. She also said to use other resources and try to up my PSB even more and finish my pre-reqs. So I encourage everyone to apply again next year! That's a huge jump to go from only 70 applicants to now 180!! That means people who probably even scored 310's would get in! I def needed that I was feeling pretty down this week
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  13. by   golferguync
    KitKat I'm confused I thought you are on the alternate list? Are you not going to pursue the option that you may still get in this year? Do you know what # alternate you are? That is very interesting that they are going to take 180 students next year. I wonder where are they going to put all the new classes for that many students? It will be interesting to see what happens. I have applied to get into to the RIBN program for this year so I will not know until later this month. Fingers crossed!