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hey cfcc students has anyone applied for the upcoming fall 2013 admission?... Read More

  1. by   mmtnurse7
    I'm sure you'll make it in! Good luck though!
  2. by   CFCC13
    mmtnurse7- That makes sense, I took my prerequisites at CFCC so I am a student already. You will definitely make it in with 381!
    Blondiegirl- When I asked yesterday about them taking 10 less she said it's actually the same it's just that 10 spots are held for the LPN transfer students so this years packet says 70 instead of 80 (like last year) which is why I got confused! I have a 342 :/ so I am really nervous! Hopefully the scores look the same aslast year and we both get in!
    Being an alternate wouldn't be the end of the world but it would pretty much be moreeeee waiting ahh!
    *Fingers crossed* for us!
    If I get in I would also love to meet some people this summer also and maybe we will be able to help each other study along the way!
  3. by   Blondiegirl
    mmtnurse, thanks I'm hoping so! And CFCC13, 342 is still good it's still higher than last years that got in but I'm right in your same boat almost so I do have my fingers crossed we get in. And yes being an alternate would just be moreee agony!! I would like to meet people as well. I've heard how tough this program is and it would be great to have other students to study and talk with! Good luck to everyone!!!!
  4. by   Jessie309
    Went in for my point count yesterday. I'm sitting at 334. I feel like I'm right on the cusp...maybe I will get alternate. I hear that all alternates usually get in. Really hoping to get in..I don't want to wait another year lol!!!
  5. by   CFCC13
    I'm wondering if CFCC can tell us what the lowest point count total was for the past few years? It looks like from the all nurses forums - 2011: There were 383 letters sent out with lowest score was 339 ( could be less but that's all I could find)- that was a competitive year from what I read.
    2012: 250 letters sent out and the lowest I could find that got in was 338.5 and 334 was the lowest alternate that commented on this site.

    Let me know if anyone found anything else from previous years or if CFCC has let anyone know!
  6. by   mmtnurse7
    I know that 239 letters were sent out this year
  7. by   Blondiegirl
    Yeah that's what I was told, 239 letters. I'm thinking we will get them this time next week, hopefully Tuesday or Wednesday..?
  8. by   golferguync
    I had my point total and ended up with 331.5. I know someone else who had just over 300. You also have to remember that you only have to get 30% on the Psb to get called in for point totals. That could be a large number of applicants who just meet the minimum standard. Good luck to all of and I imagine it will take a couple of weeks to get acceptance letters sent out. We have all done the best we can and now it just comes down to the numbers.
  9. by   Blondiegirl
    Hey everyone,
    Just wanted to let you know I called cape fear and asked when we should be expecting letters.. Turns out there was some mail issues with the point count letters so they are still doing the point count until Wednesday of this week. Then will send out letters for acceptance or denial after that... More waiting!
  10. by   Jessie309
    Oh No I was hoping today would be the day!
  11. by   golferguync
    Wow! Really. We are not going to find out until April 2nd or 3rd if they have not finished point count reviews yet! That is so frustrating, having to wait longer.

    Good luck to all of you!
  12. by   Blondiegirl
    Hopefully we get our letters this week! Post on here if you get yours! Good luck!
  13. by   RNEMT13
    Hey Guys,

    I just got my computer back today after it came back with a virus and they traced it to this site. I was leaving a comment last week and it completely shut down my computer so watch out!

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