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    I am a Canadian RN in Ontario. I am hoping to soon be residing in North Cccarolina. I have been researching Chapel Hill, Durham, raleigh and Charlotte. Curreently I am leaning more toward Chapel Hill. I am looking for a safe area and a good hospital to work at. So please if you have any information regarding these cities and the hosp[itals I would greatly appreciate a reply. I am curious about various neighbourhoods (renting), cost of living, crime, and attractions. I have exhausted my search engine looking fgor the information probaly only locals can give. Thanks in advance for your replies.
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  3. by   robger99
    Have also been looking at moving to N.C. from Windsor. We visited last week and liked Charlotte(also went through Raleigh and Asheville) . Houses are expensive in Raleigh relative to Charlotte. Downtown Charlotte also seemed a lot more vibrant. Traffic was horrible in both locations. Am trying to find out info on salaries.Rob
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    Are you moving alone or with family? If you are coming alone why not come as a travel will make a lot more money, and have a free place to stay...if you hate it you can move on. If you want info email me at can hook you up with a great recruiter from Cross Country Staffing. We lived in Chapel Hill the first year we were hear...if you are paying for your own place Chape Hill is is a quaint college town, very safe. Raleigh is for an apt averages about 650-750 for a 2 bedroom...we own so I am just going by what I see advertised. We live in North Raleigh which is very saft and about 20-25 min from downtown...LOTS to do...check out digital city-raleigh/durham....Durham is not the safest place..I am sure that there are some safe areas but in general it is bad. UNC and Duke are both very big teaching hospitals...very busy....Rex is a smaller hospital in Raleigh and is GREAT. There is also Wake Med in Raleigh....Cary is close to raleigh...small town and also a bit expensive. Don't know much about Charlotte....Asheville is a nice town...near the mountains....Wilimington is a great beach town. Hope that helps...Good Luck!