Calling any Watts School of Nursing students who start pre-reqs in May 2014.

  1. Hi! I am applying for the May 2014 class at Watts and I was just curious if anyone is on here that has already been accepted or may be in process? I take my Hesi A2 test next Friday the 21st! I am nervous but I am so ready to just take it! I have completed everything but my essay which I am working on while I study. So as long as I pass the Hesi A2, I will officially apply to the program on Monday, Feb 24th!!! Yeah

    Hope to meet some of you soon and would love to hear your story. I am 45, so I am definitely an older student. It's been a while since I was in school but I'm ready with my Ensure in hand! lol

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  3. by   WookieeRN
    Hi I am looking to apply to Watts, but I'm looking more towards January 2015 as I am out-of-state and it won't be enough time to tie up loose ends. I take my HESI exam on March 18th, and even though I've been doing OK with my practice tests I'm still nervous!

    I'm 26. I'm REALLY excited for this potential opportunity if I do well on the HESI and they accept me.
  4. by   djstormin
    Yeah!!! I'm so excited to finally have a reply and know a potential student. I am still writing my essay, hoping to finish it today and mail it all off on Wednesday. I may be in Jan 2015 just because I don't know if they are full yet for May 2014. I pray I am accepted as well. Good luck with your Hesi and please stay in touch. Definitely keep practicing the sample tests and the examples in the book. If you need any help or tips feel free to ask. Wishing you lots of LUCK and hoping we both are accepted!
  5. by   WookieeRN
    Thanks! Maybe we will be classmates one day I'm so nervous even though I've heard they place more emphasis on the exam results, references and essay and less, if at all, on GPA and all that. Some even ventured to say if you score well on the HESI, you're in. I will be nervous until the day I get my acceptance letter I think!
  6. by   TuesdayMorning
    Could either of you clarify something for me? I am confused about what degree is granted after this program. Is it an associate in nursing? Would I be TuesdayMorning, R.N. on my name tag? Is it the same starting pay at an ADN? Would I be able to pursue a BSN after this program the same as I would if I had attended a community college program?
  7. by   djstormin

    Yes! This programs gives you a Diplomat of Nursing and "Yes", as long as you pass the boards you will have RN behind your name. It is equivalent to an ADN. This program works with Mount Olive College and the Duke University Health System. so that once you graduate from Watts you will also receive an Associate of Health Science degree. They have a program after graduation thru Mount Olive College that as a Watts graduate, you are automatically accepted in there BSN conversion program. You should check it out. It has a great reputation in the community and their Nurses graduate ready to join the work force. My sister has been a nurse for 20+ years in the Durham/Chapel Hill Area. She has worked with lots of Watts graduates and she says her colleagues speak very highly of the program and the graduates.

    In my opinion this program offers more one-on-one attention to their students than other programs in our area. You should check it out. The link is below.

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  8. by   TuesdayMorning
    Thank you for your response!
    I am also wondering about the 18 credit hour requirement.
    I know that you HAVE to take 18 credit hours at MOC, even if you've completed some of the prerequisites. My question is: What courses do I replace the prerequisites with? What if I complete ALL of the prerequisites before I even apply to MOC/Watts? Do I just replace them with random electives? (Example: Business courses, Psychology courses, History courses, etc)?
    I already have almost 70 college credit hours, so it is possible I will finish all of the prerequisites.
    If I can replace them with basically ANY courses, can I complete them online through MOC or do I HAVE to go on campus for the night courses?
    Thank you.
  9. by   WookieeRN
    I am not 100% sure of this but you will just need to take at least 18 credist--i've seen most people say just to take credit that would go towards a BSN. Whether they are online or not woulf depend on the class I think.
  10. by   djstormin

    When I attended the information session back in January they did address this question. I haven't been thru the process yet, so I can't personally attest to it but this is what I remember hearing. Once you are admitted into the program you will meet with a Mount Olive College Counselor. They will review the courses you have taken to see which ones can transfer and then they help you choose the classes that you can take to replace the 18 hours. Some may be online, some may be taken at the RTP campus and some of the classes may be taken at the Watts campus. Hope that helps. It is mandatory to take 18 hours thru Mount Olive in order to receive the Associate of Health Science Degree.
  11. by   lcat

    I hope your HESI exam goes well! Don't stress tooooo much, it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be!

    I'm starting my prereqs in May, fingers crossed they're not full yet -- I would love to get in touch with a classmate
  12. by   WookieeRN
    Hey lcat--- how long was the process from applying to acceptance for you?
  13. by   WookieeRN
    Woohoo!!! Just took my HESI A2 yesterday and got a 94 in math and an 87 in Reading/Grammar/Vocabulary! Now I'm just waiting for my references to be finished and then I'm sending off my application! This is getting exciting :-)
  14. by   lcat
    Once I submitted my application, Id say the rest of the process (background check included) took about five weeks! Not too bad at all! I've got my fingers crossed for you!