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    Has anyone applied to Bladen Community College? I did everything last minute having failed out of a program in February and needing to have everything in by March 1st. I'm worried I won't get in!
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  3. by   WhitneyJ30
    Hey! Yes, I applied to BCC. Now, just waiting patiently for my letter.
  4. by   melzyo
    Me too! I'm currently finishing up my CNA and going to test April 18th. I wish there was more on the process of points or their selection process. I didn't do the best on the TEAS. But I have all the classes on the extra points except medical terminology and I've finished all my pre reqs.
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  5. by   WhitneyJ30
    Awesome! I took mine the end of last year with Mr. V. Me too! I called and asked a few questions about the point system but didn't get much information. I was a little afraid to ask too many questions, I didn't want to be annoying lol. I know they base it upon the highest composite score on the teas test. In addition to the teas score, points are awarded for any degree (one, two or four year degree), any allied health certificate (not counting the NA I) then additional points are awarded for grade B or better for the related courses listed in the criteria packet. I'm sure you know that already, though. I do wish they would be a little more detailed with the point system. I think I did alright on the teas. I have 5 pre reqs completed, currently taking 2, so I will only have 1 more to take after this semester. I have a bachelors degree but I wish I knew how many points that counts for. Are you trying to get into LPN or ADN? My goal is ADN but I applied for both. You having all those classes that count as points (as long as you made an A or B) is a major plus! Have you taken pharmacology? Fingers crossed we get in!!!
  6. by   melzyo
    I turned in my phlebotomy certificate as well. I only scored a 68 on the TEAS. I should've turned in my medical assisting degree but was afraid it wouldn't count since it was a private institution that my criedits don't transfer from. So technically I could've possibly gotten points but now will never know about that. I got all As and Bs in those classes that are listed for points. I spoke to someone in the program. He had all his classes and made a 64 on the TEAS, only applied for ADN and got put on the alternate list but got in the program only because ONE person declined their seat. That's a little scary but I've applied for both LPN and ADN because I didn't want to put all my eggs in one basket cause it seemed everyone in the room was only applying to ADN. I want ADN so that I can do a bridge program and not have to wait that long though. I hope we both get in! What city do you live in if you don't mind me asking?
  7. by   WhitneyJ30
    That's not too bad of a score. I scored a 72.8, not much higher. Some of the other applicants teas scores, that were in my CNA class, were a 64, a 68, a few 72s, one guy made an 82, several people made just passing and unfortunately a few made lower 50s. If you don't mind me asking, which program were you in before? You must have taken pharmacology then? I'm currently taking it now. It's the first time BCC has offered it outside of the program. With a 68, your certificate, all of your classes done plus additional classes that count as points I think you will be at the higher end of the point scale. I'm in Elizabethtown, what city are you in?
  8. by   melzyo
    I was at a university in Pembroke. I won't name it because I don't know the rules. I was in a BSN program but got dismissed due to a dosage calculation exam. I made an 80% and I needed an 85%. I was in semester 3 of 5. So close to the end. So if I do get in, I'm solely focusing on only nursing courses. I took pharm in that program and made a B. It was rough. I'm hoping that will transfer over. I've sent in my transcripts and everything on time but there's nothing in webadvisor. That's frustrating. For some reason, I think the TEAS will hold me back. I feel it's really low but it's over the national average and program average so it can't be too bad. I'm just hoping it's enough!! I'm in Fayetteville though. I was hoping we were close. Haha! I can't send private messages so I can't move this into a private conversation. Do you have facebook?