Anyone with information or experience at Brunswick CC?

  1. I'll be moving to Supply at the beginning of March, and will be transferring from FTCC to BCC in the fall. Has anyone applied to BCC for either their LPN or ADN programs? Their website isnt all that helpful and when i emailed to ask about it, thats where they referred me. I'd like to know though how competitive their program is. I noticed they don't accept very many applicants each year, but does anyone know how many actually apply. And for their ADN program, can you sub BIO 168/169 with BIO 163? I know for LPN it either or, but i didn't see whether or not the same applied to the ADN program. Any information i can get though, I'd really appreciate.
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    Hello there! I'm actually moving to Oak Island(right down the road from Supply) in June. I've applied at BCCC for their ADN program and I'm taking the entrance exam in April. I think the school counselor said around 250 people applied last year. You will need to have BIO 168 & 169 to finish the ADN curriculum but you don't need it to be accepted into the program. They are the only school that I know of that judges entrance into the program solely on test scores. I have everything I need for the entire ADN curriculum except for the nursing classes...even my BSN! Anyway, the staff are very friendly there(thank goodness!),because the campus and website are not very user-friendly in my opinion. I'm a little frustrated with this school though because I've tried to keep abreast of the whole application process(deadlines,etc.),and I was told by the Director of the nursing program that all testing was going to be completed by March so they could send out letters in April. So I called again the other day and was told that probably sometime in May we would know if we made it into the program or not. So, I'm just waiting and wondering what I'm going to do with myself if I don't get in.
    Enough about me, have you found out anything since February when you posted? I'll be glad to help you with what I know so far. Hope you're enjoying the area!
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    I was able to get some information from the school, but not very much by the time the application deadline was, so I'll be applying the next time around. I definitely like that the school accepts students based on test scores, not solely on the point system like a lot of other schools around here do. Are you using anything in particular to study for the NLN-PAX-RN? I've read a little bit about it, as far as the different subjects it goes over, so i definitely want to get some books to start going over stuff soon. BEcause with that being the big ticket into their program, i want to obviously do the best i possibly can. Do you happen to know how accurate their website is as far as the amount of applicants that are excepted every year? I know on their website it says 25, but i'm not sure how long ago that information was updated. Good luck on your test though, and getting into the program. I'd love to hear how it goes after you take the exam, and maybe any study tips you might have.
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    accepted every year*