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Anyone starting Watts School of Nursing in Jan '09

  1. 0 Just wondering if anyone on here is starting Watts School of Nursing this coming Jan? I'd like to get to now some of my furture classmates! Anyone starting a nursing program anywhere in Jan?
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    I am waiting now to see if I have made it in yet...just sent off the background check (a week ago). Do you know how long that takes to get back and what is next? Any information on the admissions would be great.Thanks in advance.
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    I sent my background check on a Saturday and I guess they recieved it probably the following Monday or Tuesday and then I got my acceptance letter the Wednesday the week after that. So about a week and a half. I was attacking the mailman everyday waiting for that letter! Good Luck!
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    So that is it, you just got the acceptance letter. no interview or anything? Wow trust me I know how long the wait was for you.Do you think that I might make it into the Jan. class? Thanks a bunch for answering my questions.(Congradulations on getting in)
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    Maybe, Mt. Olive did my financial aid stuff quickly too, I haven't met with them about my class schedule yet but the start on the 13th or the 15th. I will probably have to take 6 classes this semester, that's a lot! I think my test scores, essay and references are what got me in, my GPA from undergrad was awful so I know that wasn't it. Let me know what happens!
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    Are references and essays for Watts only or Mt Olive also?
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    The references and essays are for Watts only, if Watts accepts you then you are automatically into Mt. olive.
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    Hey Kellmoiselle

    I'm starting pre-req's at Watts in Jan09!
    It's a great combination of exhilaration and terror isn't it?

    See you at orientation on the 12th
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    Good luck to you all! I hope I am so lucky. Even if I don't get in there I hope to get in somewhere when the time comes.
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    Hi Lilloman,

    It's is very terrifying and exciting! I'm throwing everything I have including all my money into this. It's very nerve racking. I think I'll be taking about 6 classes this first semester. Is this your first degree? It's my second for me, I have a BA from ECU that I graduated with in 2006, halfway through that I figured out I wanted to be a nurse. Here comes the second time around! I'm so freaked out because people just keep talking about "how hard it is", kinda gets to ya after bit!
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    Hey Kell

    This is a second-everything for me. I'm middle-aged with an Associates (Computers) and a 30yr IT career behind me.

    Nursing school is definitely hard, but very doable.
    As I write this my wife is sitting for her 3rd semester final at Watts and my daughter just graduated Friday from UNC-CH with a BSN (her second BS).
    So, between those two and all their friends, I've seen and vicariously lived the experience.

    I too am taking 6 courses for the pre-req's for 19 hours.
    All Thursday classes except for the A&P sessions on Tuesdays.

    We have our work cut out for us, but it's just a matter of focusing on the goal and working the problems that make the path to get there.
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    I'm not sure what my schedule wil be, I haven't met witht he counseler at Mt. Olive yet. Do you have any idea about how big our cohort will be? I was thinking less than 30 students.
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    I have no idea how big it is.
    You're the first person I've "met."

    I believe it's going to be more than 30 though.
    WSON moved to the new facility so they could increase the class size to 50. And I recollect my wife saying that the cohort that is just finishing 1st semester of the nursing program is right at 50.