Anyone currently doing the Excelsior program in NC?

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    Hi, I'm in the beginning stages of the program. Need encouragement and want to hear from others that's doing this in my state
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    Try asking this question in the distance education area. I did attend Excelsior and graduated in Jan. Good luck!
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    Thanks alot for your response. How long did it take you to finish?
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    It actually took me 3 years, but less than a year to do everything except CPNE. I failed CPNE 2 times. It took time get my nerves back and to get the money. People say I was brave, but I just had invested to much time and money to quit. I hope this helps.
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    I understand what you mean and yes it was very helpful. Congrats on finishing! It takes a lot of courage to not give up. Awesome job !
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    Can anyone attend Excelsior or is it for military only? I live in Raleigh and have been looking at attending VGCC or Wake Tech but the waiting lists might be too long and I want to start this Fall. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.