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Anyone applying to ABSN at WSSU for Jan 2012 - page 9

Hello all, I wanted to know who all is planning on applying to the accelerated program at Winston Salem State starting in Jan 2012. I'm taking my pre reqs now and if anyone that has graduated or... Read More

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    Who knows. The lady told me that they are not all out because they didnt have everyone's email address. I know they have mine since ive already applied to wssu...and its listed on my student account. That doesnt mean that they actully finished sending them just because that one lady said so.
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    Im not holding my breath though.
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    They have mine too as I am applying for the second time...
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    Ouch. Rejection hurts! Im not used to it!
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    I know....heart broken...
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    Dont let it get you down....and dont assume anything til you get the actual never know whats going on.
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    I was waitlisted at Queens and flat out rejected from Duke so I know how you feel. I cried and then I decided that no matter what I was going to be a nurse. I am about two years late according to my "timeline." But, if you keep trying and put in as many applications as you can, it will happen. I also applied to a community college, Chapel Hill and Queens (for a second time) just in case. It's been crazy.

    I don't know the reasoning behind the acceptance vs rejection. It is almost randomized to me. Which is why I started putting in so many applications. @Kenthomas I felt the same way about Queens. I thought I was a "shoo in" but alas I was stumped when I was waitlisted. It humbled me in a way. I've heard all sorts of stories of being accepted somewhere and rejected elsewhere regardless of the difficulty or reputaion of the school.

    But, who knows, maybe a letter will come for you guys. Fingers crossed.
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    We'll see. Congrats to you on Your acceptance! My problem is that i was laid off from my job and have the funds to make it through a year of school now...but not to keep waiting and waiting. If i don't get into this program i will likely have to move to find a job in my current field and that will be all she wrote dream of expanding into nursing. Oh well, what can you do?
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    Thank you. Maybe your luck will change. The unemployment situation in this country is not pretty.
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    I haven't received an email either. I had all my pre-reqs and a 3.8 gpa. I really thought I would get in. Can the people who got accepted post their stats? They have my email address as I am currently taking the NUR 2310 class.
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    Nc lady I have also done all pre reqs and my gpa was 3.89...I didn't got an email..
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    I really hope that all the emails have not been sent out...but I don't understand why they would send out some and not the others? Why not just wait and send out the letters all at once.
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    I know cdkjasso its really annoying...this time is killing me..waiting for 8am so I should go ahead and call them