Anyone applying to ABSN at WSSU for Jan 2012 - page 6

Hello all, I wanted to know who all is planning on applying to the accelerated program at Winston Salem State starting in Jan 2012. I'm taking my pre reqs now and if anyone that has graduated or... Read More

  1. by   interestedinabsn
    Hi All,
    i also applied for the 2012 ABSN at WSSU. I live in the Greensboro area. Anyone from Greensboro?
  2. by   interestedinabsn
    Anyone heard anything yet? This wait is so painfull
  3. by   bug2621
    nothing yet...i been checking my mail like they owe me money LOL!!!
  4. by   CareProvider7
    I applied and will be commuting from Charlotte if accepted. Anyone else commuting????
  5. by   Monster41
    I plan on commuting from Charlotte as well. Hopefully we'll both get in! : ) and be carpool study buddies.
  6. by   CareProvider7
    Okay Monster41. I will keep u posted. Let's keep our fingers crossed. :-)
  7. by   interestedinabsn
    Anybody heard anything new?
  8. by   cdkjasso
    Nothing yet...about to go check the mail now...I'm so ready to see a big envelope!
  9. by   Kenthomas
    Hey you guys from charlotte, i will also be commuting if i get in....
    Does everyone here have all the prereqs done or am i the only person still takimg one?
  10. by   wssustudentnurse2013
    This waiting is killing me......checking mailbox everyday! @ interestedinabsn I will be commuting from Greensboro.
  11. by   cdkjasso
    I usually don't get home from work until around I check my email often looking for a response to this thread with some news!! I wonder if something is mailed out from Winston Salem, will it make it to you Charlotte folks the same day? or does it normally take 2 days? If so, I'll let you guys know as soon as I get something.
  12. by   TKP3321
    Called WSSU yesterday and spoke with a Ms. Eaton. She said that they wouldn't be sending out letters until next week...I guess they are behind this year? But just wanted to let everyone know..ahhhh!!! more waiting!!
  13. by   interestedinabsn
    Were they able to tell you whether you made it on the list or not?