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Hello all, I wanted to know who all is planning on applying to the accelerated program at Winston Salem State starting in Jan 2012. I'm taking my pre reqs now and if anyone that has graduated or... Read More

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    Yes I am enrolled in dev psy that time...but could not have completed it by the start of the semester in January. And yes i have been accepted in the program when my dev psy class was supposed to be completed in December.

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    kenthomas i've heard the same about the funding.

    once the 45 are chosen, you will set up an interview date/time with someone from baptist. i think in the interview you can express what departments you are interested in but that doesn't necessarily mean you will get it (depends on what departments need employees, i suppose). approximately 30 out of the 45 will get the funding from baptist by signing a 3-year contract to work for them. i've also been told that the 3-year contract isn't "paid" back by years worked, it's done by time/hours worked. so...if you work overtime you can work off your contract earlier than 3 years.

    i'm starting to get anxious!! haha good luck everyone!!
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    Can anybody tell me about the it will work...

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    Cdkjasso....hii...myself ritu, I live in are you doing?
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    Today is the deadline.....and now we all wait IMPATIENTLY!!
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    September is going to drag by....Oh Anxiety!!
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    Do you know what the tuition cost is for unfunded students? Is the tuition based off wssu regular tuition costs? Just curious because I'm not too keen on being obligated to a contractual agreement. All contracts are breakable with penalty, I assume, but I really like the option that is given especially since it's recommended not to work.
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    ok, so here's what I know through talking with several students that are currently in the program, the program coordinator, and a couple of admins/professors....

    1. As far as funding goes from WFU, the reality of this year and the last couple of years is that about 25 students(give or take) get funded, but there are also other scholarships that WSSU has if you don't get selected to help with funding.(This comes from everyone i've spoken to)

    2. I have heard from several sources that you have a better shot if all your pre-reqs are done. In terms of what makes you more "desirable"...people that are alumni may have a better chance, people that do well in the sciences (i.e. A and B, with no repeats), good gpas, and people that live in the area(kind of a community involvement thing, they feel if you are from somewhere like TX, you will take your degree and leave and not serve the community; this also tends to hold true for WFU funding too.) (From professors and current Accelerated students)

    3. There was an earlier question about when I heard about the number of apps that were in...this was around Aug 21. (From admin)

    4. We will probably hear from WFU about an having an interview before we hear from WSSU for acceptance(b/c clearly they will only interview if your accepted). This will generally take place late Oct-Early Nov. And I heard this from the current class of accelerated student.

    5. As far as scheduling goes the program can be a little unorganized. This is due to the fact that a lot of clinical places have to fit us in as they can and so sometimes schedules can change. Generally, you will have classes 1-2 days from 8-5 or so, and then on other days you will have clinicals that can range from 8-12 hours. The times of the clinicals can vary depending on the class and group your in, so say for 5 weeks you are in group a and you clinical is thurs, fri, sat from 2-10 and the next 5 weeks you are in group b and your clinical is mon, tue, wed from 8-6. (from students and professors). They do try to give you at least one day off a week however!

    5. I am pretty sure tuition is similar to what it is for regular students. Although I'm not exactly sure how it works because of that extra month.

    That's all that I can think of for now. Good luck to everyone. And if I can answer anymore questions I'd be more than happy too! Oh, and I have a BA is psychology from WSSU with a 3.8 GPA and I had all As in my prereqs. (since everyone is sharing)
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    Hi Bug2621,

    Thanks for the info!!
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    Quote from RCP21
    Hi Bug2621,

    Thanks for the info!!
    no problem! I figure everyone is as anxious as me!

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