Anyone applying to ABSN at WSSU for Jan 2012 - page 14

Hello all, I wanted to know who all is planning on applying to the accelerated program at Winston Salem State starting in Jan 2012. I'm taking my pre reqs now and if anyone that has graduated or... Read More

  1. by   GSOnurse
    I received my rejection letter today. I will be calling on Monday, to see if I can find out the reason for my rejection.
  2. by   Nursetobe1
    So I spoke to Mr. ******* today about my rejection. He said that they received 263 applications and more than 100 had all pre-reqs completed and had an acceptable GPA. Beyond that he said that they take the higher GPAs from your undergrad cumulative GPA. So why a couple of you did not get in, is a total shock. A lot of people have over a 3.8 GPA? Shocking to me....
  3. by   TKP3321
    Monster41 have you heard anything? It is so hard to get a hold of someone..everytime I call I seem to always get their voicemail..Also was wondering if anyone has been contacted from Baptist to set up their funding interview?
  4. by   Monster41

    yes, i got a response via email. she replied,

    [color=#215868]"on the letter, it explains that all documents must be completed and received by oct. 21. therefore, even if you wait until oct. 21 to submit payment for your background check, you will be fine. the information may not completed on the 21st, but at least we will know that you have started the process.
    [color=#215868]hope this helps…. let me know if you still have questions."

    i ordered my background check and now i have to go to a labcorp to get the drug test. as far as an email from baptist, i am patient because from reading other threads, sometimes they don't find out until late nov.

  5. by   bug2621
    OMG! I just received a call from the nursing department that said that they accidentally sent my application packet to the wrong address but that I've been accepted!!! I just received my acceptance e-mail! Thank God!!!
  6. by   MsWuf
    Awesome, bug!
  7. by   Monster41
    For anyone not reading the other thread, a nurse recruiter from WFBH just called to schedule an interview.
  8. by   Shelly_Nurse2be
    So how is everything going with the program you guys?? Let us all know and give some insight if you can..I am planning on applying I guess January 2014 which I know is a while from now but because of switching majors I will not be graduating with my class this May and will have to wait until next May. If someone would please offer some advice, things you would do different, etc. it would be greatly appreciated. Thx.
  9. by   interestedinabsn
    I think they have added more requiremnets for the pre-requisite
  10. by   poniesoverpoker
    I'm in! I had my interview with WFBH last week and am still trying to figure how how to get additional loans mid-year. Any tips? Most of the scholarships that they sent will only distribute money in August. Even with the scholarship only tuition and books are covered. What about living expenses?!