Any thoughts on Western Carolina University ABSN?

  1. Hey all,

    I'm considering applying to Western Carolina University's ABSN program, and am looking for some perspective on it.

    What have you heard about it? Did you attend? How does it measure up in terms of clinical time? How are the teachers? What about the student culture?

    (I'm also looking at Union University, East Tennessee State, MGH and OHSU. I was also accepted to Columbia's ETP BS/MS program for this year but decided not to attend this time around.)

    Any and all feedback is MUCH appreciated.

    Many thanks!
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  3. by   swinglifeaway12
    I just got accepted to Western's ABSN program for this January! I don't have a lot of personal feedback yet, but I can tell you the things I've heard and the experiences I've had so far.

    I chose Western because of it's location, it's 100% NCLEX pass rate, and it's professors. I went to Western for my first undergrad and loved that the professors were available to meet with you individually, whereas larger universities where you are just a number. The ABSN program allows for the same number of clinical hours as with the traditional route, meaning you are in class all day, M-F with no holiday or seasonal breaks. It's a serious commitment, and I was told to not apply if you have any serious distractions that would keep you from diving into the strenuous workload for a whole year. I would suggest that you look over the materials on Western's Nursing website so you know what you're getting into. They also have advising sessions starting here pretty soon where you can come and learn about the program and ask questions. They will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about the program in that session.

    I cannot speak for other people but I had been told through people on this site that there was a lot of drama and that students are un-prepared once they graduate. I never could get a straight answer back as to what they meant from that either. I would have to say that like any other situation where you are spending so much time with the same people, you make friends and you make people mad occasionally. As far as being unprepared.. I'm not sure where that came from. Having a 100% NCLEX pass rate says a lot for me about the program, it's professors, and the course load. If students can go through a one-year program and pass the NCLEX, I feel that they are equally capable of doing their jobs once they get out.

    Once I start the program in January, I would be more than happy to give to info as to how it's going, whether I enjoy it, and so-forth.

    Happy Nursing School Hunting!
  4. by   scwolf
    Hi swinglifeaway12,

    I am on my way to applying for the next cohort, Jan 2014 (ABSN at WCU). Now that you are in the program, what do you think? I'm sure it's a lot of intense work. Do you feel it's preparing you to be a good nurse?

    One thing I'm wondering about is: do you have opportunities for a preceptorship (one on one shadowing with a nurse)?

    I really appreciate any thoughts you can share ... in your busy schedule.

  5. by   mtnWoman
    I am also an applicant for WCU's '14 ABSN, and would love hearing any updates / tips you ever feel like sharing, swinglifeaway12. I would love to know what topics I should review or what books I could get a jumpstart on reading before Jan.

    , I recommend that you do your shadowing before the interview since during orientation that was "strongly recommended". Good luck to you, I hope we both hear good news about our interviews next week!
  6. by   scwolf
    Hi mtnWoman,

    Thanks for the recommendation. I have actually decided to accept a place in another program. It was a tough call but one of a "bird in the hand." I start at CA State Univ, Sacramento in the fall. I'm excited. Best of luck with WCU's ABSN. It really does sound like an excellent, if intense, program.
  7. by   aorr10
    Of the applicants for the 2014 cycle, did you get accepted into WCU ABSN? I just had my interview for the cycle starting this fall! I'm so nervous!