Any nurses relocating to Winston Salem/Greensboro this summer?

  1. I'll be relocating to the Greensboro/Winston Salem area this summer and looking to get to know others who might be in a simliar situation? I'll be working in Greensboro but my husband will be going to school in W-S so we're looking to live in High Point or Kernersville. Is anyone familiar with those areas? Our closest friends are in Raleigh or Charlotte, so we're moving blindly. Looking forward to the adventure!
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  3. by   blondebabe0625
    Hi! Awesome my bf and I are moving to chapel hill in August!!!
  4. by   JillyRN
    Thats great! Where are you guys moving from?
  5. by   MichelleRN34
    I live in Greensboro
  6. by   JillyRN
    Thanks for responding Michelle! How do you like living there?
  7. by   MichelleRN34
    I was born and raised here.. I love's a large enough town to have lots to do with lots of hospitals near
  8. by   MotivatedOne
    High Point is a dead end town. I can't get out of here soon enough. There is absolutely nothing to do here besides shop for furniture. It is however convenient to both WS and Greensboro. Is there any other reason you wouldn't want to stay in either Greensboro or WS besides wanting to be in the middle of both?
  9. by   MichelleRN34
    Cost of living is cheaper in High Point.
  10. by   JillyRN
    Right now we're looking at living in West Greensboro or Kernersville. High Point is out mainly because of our commute times. I will have on call shifts, so I would like to live within the 30 minute time frame so I can stay home on those days. My husband will be commuting to the north side of Winston Salem, so we're trying to make it convenient for both. We love being outdoors and will greatly miss the hiking and beach sports we do now. Any great places you recommend?
  11. by   MichelleRN34
    Good thing about the piedmont is we are a couple hours from beach and mountains....great hiking trails less then an hour from Greensboro.... Called hanging rock.
  12. by   JillyRN
    Awesome, thank you for the info!
  13. by   JenniferWalker
    I would have to agree with a previous poster regarding high point. I highly recommend Greensboro as that's where I live however Kernersville is a great in-between spot.
  14. by   canigraduate
    I grew up just outside of Winston and have family members that live throughout the Piedmont Triad area, so I know a little bit about it. For the best commute times, you want to look for something just off I-40 in between WS and Gbo, but closer to Gbo. Kernersville is a great little town and is convenient to both cities. High Point is OK, but probably farther out than you want to go and it is pretty economically depressed. Also, there are a lot of rundown neighborhoods in the area, so be careful and check out potential homes in person. If you want a nicer neighborhood, expect a little bit longer on the commute. Personally, I would recommend living in Gbo as it is an easier commute to Winston than from Winston d/t traffic issues in Gbo.