Another Mercy Thread and Carolina College of Health Sciences

  1. I realize that there are other threads about Mercy in Charlotte, but I didn't find what I was looking for so I apologize.

    I am highly considering nursing school. I am currently in a bachelor program, but it's a B.A. in psychology and not only do I not enjoy the subject matter anymore, but I really don't like the school and I do not like the area. I have volunteered in hospitals since I was 11. The only reason I haven't pursued nursing until now is because I let other people influence my decisions for way too long.

    I grew up in a smaller area outside of Charlotte.

    Anyway, I am also an older student (27). I've read that there are older students at Mercy, but I am wondering if that still holds true considering the threads I read were rather old.

    Also, I am interested in possibly staying in the student housing that is offered by Mercy. Is it weird for an older student to do this? Is it more common than I think?
    My issue is that I do not have such great credit and I don't believe I could get proper housing. If it's set up in a dorm-style living arrangement then I would not have to worry about credit. Plus, I also read that it is close to campus.
    Does anyone know anything about how much this cost and if financial aid would be able to cover both tuition and housing?

    How long is the wait to find out if a student is accepted?

    I haven't applied yet. I am just trying to determine what schools to apply to. I have also read a little about the Carolina College of Health Sciences. If anyone has information on housing for that school and the ease of acceptance/waiting time-line of acceptance then I would greatly appreciate it.
    Are there any older students at Carolina College of Health Sciences?
    Thank you. Like I said, I am just beginning my search for programs.
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  3. by   kmsloan
    I just graduated from Carolina's College of Health Sciences. We had several older people in our class including ones in their 50s and 60s. I loved that school. We have been the number 1 2year school in the nation 2 years in a row! If you have any more questions you can pm me!
  4. by   kmsloan
    I also didn't realize you we're 27. That's not old! That was our entire class pretty much 20-30! Lots of student housing and really nice too.
  5. by   RunnerRN2015
    I'm currently at CCHS and LOVE it! I'd say the average student age is probably 25-30. I know some who are fresh out of high school, but not many. A large majority in my cohort already have a degree in another field. A good number are married and there are a lot who have children. I'm in my 40s and there are plenty of students older than me.

    The housing is basically ON campus between the school and CMC Main. Nice, older homes and very reasonably priced (if you can get in).

    It's not an easy school to get into. A lot of people do their pre-nursing program to earn/guarantee their spot in the nursing program.