Why did you become a nurse?

  1. hello all i just started my first year of college, and am taking my pre-req's before transferring to shsu to get my bsn. it was a long road to reach the decision to become a nurse, and i was just curious as to what made you decide to be a nicu-rn/nnp/neonatal nurse? (is there a difference between nicu-rn & neonatal nurse?)

    for me, i decided to be a nurse when i was 7 years old and went to visit my grandma in the hospital. i was young, and so of course i was deathly terrified of needles and nurses. i remember it was really late and i get cranky when i'm tired, so i probably was acting up a little, and my mom turned to me while we were in the room and said, "if you don't behave the nurse is gonna give you a "good girl" shot." oh man, that nurse turned on my mom so fast and said, "excuse me ma'am, shots are to make patients feel better and to help heal them, i will not give your daughter a shot for being tired." then the nurse left and came back with a lollipop and told me that nurses are nice and just want to help make patients well enough so they can go home. something about her stuck with me, and i knew from that moment on i was meant to be a nurse. the thought of helping people feel better just gives me a warm fuzzy feeling

    i didn't know that i wanted to work with newborns until my nephew:heartbeat was born though. he wasn't sick, and he was full term so he went to the (well baby?) nursery. watching the nurse inside with him just made something click and i just knew that i wanted to do that.

    so, what about you? what made you decide to be a nurse
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    Doesn't anyone wanna share why they chose to be a nurse? :/
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    This is really not an appropriate forum for that as we don't get a ton of traffic here. You can do a search in the general forum, of which this question is asked weekly...
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    Ok so I worked in retail for 7 years. I didn;t mind my job but that is all it was....a job. I realized if I was going to spend 40 hours a week somewhere then every single day when I went home I wanted to know that my job made a difference in someones life. So I became a nurse. And I got exactly what I wanted. Not one day goes by at work where I don't feel I made a difference and helped someone.