What experience needed for NICU

  1. I am getting ready to graduate from nursing school. I am interested in NICU nursing. All the postings I have seen for NICU require previous floor experience. What is the best floor experience to prepare me for NICU?
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  3. by   karnicurnc
    While nothing can totally prepare you for NICU nursing, PICU or newborn nursery experience may be helpful in eventually landing a taking care of sick babies.
  4. by   karnicurnc
    Silly phone!
  5. by   emmie9905
    What are your thoughts about using ICU as a stepping stone? I have gotten some feedback saying that is a good first step.
  6. by   goshenc1
    I can say from personal experience not all NICU's require experience. My first job as an RN is in a level III NICU, I've been at it for nearly 7 months now. It really depends on the hospital, city, demographic, etc as to whether they require previous experience or not. Best of luck and feel free to PM me with any questions.
  7. by   Snowbird17
    I think an ICU would expose you to some drugs and conditions, but adults and babies are so different. I have worked Adult ICU for years, and there is no way I would feel comfortable transitioning to neonates. If you want to work with babies, try to start there! Plus, i would think if your NICU requires experience, the ICUs would too. No less acute, just different.
  8. by   emmie9905
    I'm just running into many posting requiring Mother/Baby experience. Then I look at Mother/Baby job postings and they require Peds experience. Peds postings require Mother/Baby experience. I feel like I'm spinning my wheels. Am I just looking at the wrong hospitals??
  9. by   not.done.yet
    Nope, you are just looking at the current economy. There is enough of a nursing surplus that nobody has to hire anyone without experience these days.
  10. by   babyRN0404
    Don't be afraid to apply to jobs that say they require experience- "prefers m/b experience," etc. Worst thing they can do is send a rejection (and don't get too down when you get rejections...) Also, if you have any clinical experience relating to a m/b, NICU, L&D make sure you put that down on your resume!! Also, if you are still in school- try to set up a shadow day with a unit you are interested in- sometimes things aren't always what you expect.... m/b, peds, PICU and L&D would all be a good lead in to a NICU job.
  11. by   heatherxnicole
    Newborn nursery is usually the first job. You have to "learn normal" first before you can care for abnormal. Babies are completely different than adults.