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I'm excited about blogging from the trenches of mother/baby. "Why 'trenches?'" you might ask. From the outside it seems as though mother/baby nurses have a cake job and in comparison to some jobs, we... Read More

  1. by   Bubbamell
    I work on a m/b unit and I understand they may increase our patients to 5 couplets...we are now at 4! Sometimes 5. We are primarily a cs unit, I am guessing about the same percentage as your unit. You know how it is trying to make people happy and give good care to 8 pts. let alone 9-10! Our ratings went down and I am sure if we take on another couplet it will go down again. I don't have to tell you what can happen and how fast it can go downhill...a baby goes bad, pp hemorrage or something. Mother/baby is nothing like CCU,ICU,MSURG,or the ER, but it is exhausting. Those new mom hormones with mine are crazy!
  2. by   NYtoPA2002
    Thanks for this thread, I have an interview with the M/B unit at my hospital next week and finding this post could not have come any sooner. I have once worked on the M/B unit at another hospital as an extern and I really enjoyed it working with the new mommies and families, teaching and educating on their new roles, etc.

    My first experience in OB was during my clinical rotation, I was given the chance to sit in on a CS then the surgeon allowed only one student to assist him and I was the chosen one. My instructor always told us to eat before coming to clinical because we will never know who is gonna get pulled in for a CS, well I did not listen and I went into the OR, with a growling stomach pain, lightheaded and feeling faint. I dont know what happened that day, all the signs were there that I was going to drop but I guess my anxiety and anticipation of the unknown kept me afloat. With the first cut my heart pounded and I no longer worried about fainting, I worried about contamination. Then the surgeon asked me to participate and hold down a slit as he cut the sac and when I seen and felt the fluids rushing I was in love. I knew that I wanted to go into any part of Women and Children Health.

    I now feel that this my time.

    So thanks for this blog and I will continue to keep in touch.
  3. by   katebaby17
    I love this, cannot wait to become a labor and delivery nurse <3
  4. by   shusterman10
    I remember the days when i was still working in the hospital..oh i just love to watch those newborn babies...they are so cute...and when they cry , whoa what a noise