TPN Tubing Change - page 2

How frequently is your tubing changed for TPN? If you change it every 24 hours, is your lipids mixed in with the TPN? We currently change our tubing every 72 hours. The lipids are separate and we... Read More

  1. by   rninme
    We run TPN and Lipids through different infusion sets.....y-site them. Can't run the lipids through the TPN filter because it is a small micron filter...filters out the large lipids. Lipids can be filtered, but it is a larger micron filter designed especially for lipids. Infusion sets for lipids are changed with each have to d/c the set when the lipids are infused. TPN infusion sets are changed q 24 hours.
  2. by   kmande
    There is nothing wrong with lipids and TPN running thru the same line. Connect the lipids to the TPN line below the filter. Lipids are too large to got thru the filter.
  3. by   rox4synch
    TPN tubing changed every 72hrs, unless drastic glucose, protein or lyte concentration changes which warrants tubing change with that TPN. TPN tubing may need to be changed sooner when/if high glucose or calcium clogs the filter. Lipid tubing is changed every 24hr when new lipids are hung. TPN/IL is hung under sterile technique if infusing via central or PICC lines. This has been my experience at 2 different NICU's.
  4. by   elizabells
    POLICY is all TPN and IL tubing changed q24, but reality is IL changed q24 and TPN changed depending on flow rate - <10cc/h is changed q24, >10cc/h is changed q72. They're drilling into all us new orientees (yay!) that we better do it q24.
  5. by   NiteRocker
    Everything is changed q 24 in my unit, except for the premixed bags. I understand there is an issue with lipid breaking down the plastic tubing if allowed to hang to long, so it's a q 24 hour change also.