Tips for a NICU New Grad? - page 6

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I just passed NCLEX at the beginning of June, and I start my DREAM job in the NICU in 2 weeks. Do any of the experienced NICU nurses out there have tips for getting started? Resources? Brains? Thanks! :nurse:... Read More

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    My forms are available at this link:

    My Files
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    thanks a bunch. this will be helpful
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    I sent the brain to the last couple of people that asked. If you didn't get it, just send me a message.
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    Thank you so much. I appreciate the help.
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    Thank you for posting the NICU brain! I am in my fourth semester of nursing school doing my preceptorship in the NICU, and this looks like it will be a much easier worksheet to use.
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    Send me an email address, and I'll be happy to send it over.
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    Hi I am starting NICU in a week, I would love some tips. Do you mind sending me the spreadsheet?

    Thank you!
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    Send me an email address, and I'll be happy to send it over. Or, click on this link:
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    Just downloaded your spreadsheet. Thanks!
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    Hi Bortaz,

    Just came across this post and was hoping I may also have access to these report sheets you had discussed previously? Would these be available for sharing?
    Thank you