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  1. 0 I was wondering if any of you seasoned NICU nurses would have any resume tips or sample resumes you could share with me? I am a nicu rn with about 1 year of experience and need to get a new resume together. I started in the nicu as a new grad rn and thus only have experience with writing a simple, generic, new grad resume. i know i have alot of skills now working in a level 3 nicu, but need a little help with making sure that is conveyed in a strong resume.

    Specific question:
    Are abbreviations such as HFOV, iNO, CPAP, HFJV etc. acceptable in a NICU RN resume if I am applying to another NICU position?
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    I actually just finished writing my resume about 10 minutes ago

    I looked online for "staff nurse resume" and took some pointers from what I saw. I spelled everything out... osciallator, inhaled nitric oxide...

    Good Luck!
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    SWTRN, I am a new grad and am applying for a few NICU positions. I have tons of experience with adults but none with infants. I was wondering what the interview will be like? What scenario type questions they might ask? Any advice would greatly appreciated!

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