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  1. Im looking into moving to San Diego. I was wondering if anyone has any experience or knows anything about Rady Children's NICU and if its a nice working environment. I am in love with children's hospitals so I'd want to be there. I hear they're going through some management changes too. Any info would be nice. Environment/pay scale/nurse satisfaction, anything you know about. I have an interview this week.

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  3. by   Enthused RN
    I'm currently a nursing student doing clinicals there so I can only provide a little bit of info for you. I can say that all the nurses are very, very nice. All the nurses I have come in contact with are so easy-going and I suspect it's because they're happy to be where they are. I have never been to a hospital where ALL the nurses are this nice. In addition, if you even LOOK like you might be lost, a staff member will always offer to help you out. Wherever you walk, everyone says "hello" or "good morning" to you or simply give you a smile.

    The hospital itself is great. There are toys everywhere for the children to play with. The decor is bright and well-maintained. I feel lucky to be a student there even though nearly all the nursing students in SD come here. One thing to keep in mind since it is the only children's hospital in SD, it is a teaching hospital. There are a lot of residents as well as paramedic and nursing students.

    Now as for benefits and stuff like that ... hopefully a current nurse can step in and help you with that!
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