Probiotics in the NICU? What's been your experience?

  1. I have been looking to see if there is anything proactive that can be done to help prevent NEC. I recently completed the NICU University presentation on probiotics and felt really compelled by the research results. I have also found some compelling research that shows that probiotics really do help prevent NEC.

    When I mentioned the research with an NNP on my unit I was shocked by how against probiotics this NNP was. Our Medical Director said that the use of probiotics is under consideration but I'm not holding my breath. Does anyone work for a unit that uses probiotics and if so what has your experience been?
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  3. by   Quark09
    It's been broached on my unit, but right now our standard is breastmilk/donated BM. It would be interesting if we could start a trial here; I'll be interested to see what other replies you get. Sorry I'm not much help .
  4. by   NicuGal
    We have a pretty well known nutritionist that works with us and our docs and she still are on the fence. We have used them with a few of our short gut kids with good results, but that took alot of convincing on our docs part.
  5. by   romaniam
    I worked on a unit that used probiotics. I wasn't there that long, but we still had patients who developed NEC, perfed and developed obstructions.It can also be difficult to administer. If you're not careful it will plug up your OG/NG tubing.