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Since the disappearance of VAP-guard ...... what are other units using for oral care? It would be great to make a survey -- we are sort of not doing anything but we are considering: (a) Normal Saline (b) Sterile Water ... Read More

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    Quote from Preemie2RN
    We use Sage Oral care packets- it contains several swabs, mouth rinse (used on the swabs) and a mouth moisturizer. We have had really good success with this product.
    This is what we use and we haven't had a VAP in months.

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    Thanks for the input! -- We've just started using Biotene.... so far I'm not a fan. Many of us seem to find it doesn't help prevent the lip goo the way VAP guard did and it sometimes even seems to turn into a thick gel glob in their mouth an hour or so after application. Seems like the VAP guard just dissolved or was absorbed. Any other experiences with this product..... good or bad?
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    We have kits made per our NICU's protocol. Right now we are using untreated petite applicator swabs and wetting them with either sterile water or breast milk (if available). The kids are made by Trademark Medical. They have really helped our units compliance. Good luck!
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    We use sterile water or breastmilk. We are looking into Biotene. We have an oral care kit. It has really helped with compliance.
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    I just asked this recently of our nurse practitioner--she said water on a cotton tipped applicator or gauze 2x2 is good.

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