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Hi There, I am a nursing student, who wil be graduating in Dec. I loved working in the NICU during my clinical experience and am considering going into this area of nursing. My last semester of... Read More

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    I would love to work in a NICU. However, our school doesn't have a whole lot of actual NICU specialties available. I'm going to school in Kaufman Texas, and the closest I got to a "NICU" setting 'not' was newborn nursery, L & D, and Post Partum. How on earth would I even get my foot in the door, when I've never been or at least haven't yet been exposed to a NICU setting???
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    Also do you think it is a good starting point for a new grad straight outta school?
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    Thank goodness I found this board. I am also a nursing student looking to pursue NICU. I was just wondering is there anything that I can do in school to help gear me to going into this field of nursing? Also when looking for a job in NICU would it also be helpful to add in that I am a NICU parent (oldest son 28 weeks, youngest 35 weeks)?I don't know if that experience would help? Thanks for any input! I really appreciate it!

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