NICUs in Houston!

  1. Hello envied NICU nurses!!!

    I'm a nursing student, about to graduate in August. My dream, passion, goal... is to work in the nicu someday. I know it is a difficult place to get into, ESPECIALLY as a new grad. But I'm going to try my hardest to get in there as soon as I pass my NCLEX.

    I was just wondering if there were any hospitals in the Houston and surrounding areas... that used cuddlers, volunteers, or nurse techs in their nicu. I've called a couple hospitals and 1 said they don't use volunteers or techs, and the other said they only use volunteers but will not have an opening for years possibly. I really want to get started in a nicu now so that when I graduate I have a chance of getting an RN position in a NICU.

    Any leads or advice is so greatly appreciated
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  3. by   rockabye
    Does your school offer any clinical opportunities to work in a NICU? I didn't go to school in Houston, but those students who did extended clinicals in a NICU definitely had an upper hand in the hiring process. I knew of 2 NICU nursing techs in school, but they only got their job through having a family member working in the NICU too. Good luck!
  4. by   lovemorehateless
    Yes! And I've been in the NICU several times. They really like me in there (or that's the vibe I get). The only thing is... they don't hire techs & they don't use volunteers. Its also almost an hour from my house, which is why it isn't my top choice of hospitals to work at, but I would totally do it if I got the opportunity. I plan on asking them what I could do or who I could talk to about getting hired there after graduation.
  5. by   rockabye
    OK great, that would be your best opportunity! The managers are probably going to be the ones with the most say in who gets hired so if you can get their contacts that would help. Be sure to make the best impression during your NICU clinicals and ask a couple NICU nurses that you shadow with if they would be interested in writing a reference for your application. Does the hospital you go to have a new grad program?