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  1. 0 I have some questions for experienced nurses?
    I am interested in the NICU. Our Childrens Hospital has an ICC Unit- Infant Care Center. What is the ICC? Is it like a nursery step down from the NICU where all the babies are? Or does each infant have it's own room? How many infants do you take care of at a time? Do the parents stay in the room with the infant? I am a new grad and wondering would ICC be better for me to start out in than the NICU? What is your opinion?
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    I have never heard that term. It could be a step down unit for the more stable babies which we just call a level 2 or a special care nursery like you guessed, but I really don't know. Have you asked at the hospital?
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    You will have to ask the hospital. Each hospital "names" it's units as it sees fit. Have you tried their website? You might find the answer there.