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Hi I am a NICU nurse with 1 year experience back home. I came to Toronto, Canada and got my license. Since I knew that job competition is really tight here I enrolled myself to Coronary Care 1 and 2, took ACLS and about to take a... Read More

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    Well poop. :/

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    Quote from Bortaz, RN
    wow. okay, my bad. haha. i shouldn't have said "no male nurses", maybe there are only few male nurses that are interested in NICU. haha. kudos to you male NICU nurses. lol. So far i haven't worked with any male NICU nurse, but it would really be awesome to work with male nurses in NICU for a change.
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    Quote from babyRN.
    We've got 5 male nurses in our NICU
    That's a looooot! I'm happy to hear that. I wouldn't be surprised because I worked with a male neonatologist before. And he was really amazing. I'm not sure if there's any male NICU nurse here in Canada though. anybody from Canada here?
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    I'm a Canadian NICU nurse and we have 2 men in our NICU and one who floats NICU and Paeds!
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    Quote from Fall.out.nerd
    I'm a Canadian NICU nurse and we have 2 men in our NICU and one who floats NICU and Paeds!
    Wow!!! are you in Ontario too? where do u work? ))
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    I don't see why Canadian males would be less inclined to NICU than American males?

    My point is: try not to place people in stereotypes. Nursing represents arguably nearly every demographic. There are even male nurses in L&D, which I think would be more "uncomfortable."

    Perhaps in very conservative religious countries, you wouldn't find male nurses in "traditional" female roles, but not in the western world.
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    Hello everyone! Just an update, I am offered for part time ER position in another hospital. Here's my situation, I have just started my orientation in X Hospital (NICU part time position), 2 weeks ago. Yesterday I just received an offer to work part time ER position in Y hospital starting on April. My problem is, I need to be committed for 1 month fulltime orientation for Y hospital, and on the other hand, I also need to commit two 12-hour shifts for preceptor shifts in X hospital.

    Do you think my NICU manager will be okay with this? I need to ask her that I won't be available Mon-Fri for the whole April, meaning my preceptor shifts would have to be on weekends. A lot of nurses here in Canada do 2 part time jobs, so I thought I can do the same. But the twist is these are completely different specialty areas, meaning I have to learn so many things.
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    I think its the cutest thing to see men who are great with children, but maybe because I am single

    Its just so endearing!!

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