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NICU books

  1. 0 I want to get some books on the NICU to be reading before I start in a few weeks. I am looking into getting the Handbook of Neonatal Intensive Care. I have read a lot about it and people recommended it. The only issue is, I don't have much money and I also have to buy a completely different warddrobe since our hospital has unit-specific colors. I found the 6th edition for much cheaper than the 7th. Does anyone know how different these books are? There are 4 years in between them, so I don't want to buy the 6th edition to save money, if it's only going to give me a bunch of outdated information and advice.

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    Uni libraries tend to have them - maybe you could just get one there so you don't have to buy one.
    Sorry, but I don't know the difference between the two editions.
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    That's okay! Thank you for your advice. I will check there. I've spoken with my new ANM, and she puts together binders for all the new hires of orientation info and things to learn. I think at first I am going to just see how that is. I know I will eventually like to get a book bc I like to highlight and mark and all those things lol. But I'm going to see what books they already have on the unit(I know each pod has a Neofax in it, but I think I saw others too), and see which books I like best and want of my own at home and talk to the other nurses too to see if they like any certain ones.