Neonatal XRay interpretation CD-ROM: Can't find it anymore? :(

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    I saw a CD-ROM with optional CEU's SOMEWHERE online last year, and forgot to bookmark it. I could have SWORN it was on the Academy website, but I looked tonight and didn't see it. Does anyone know if this is still available online somewhere? I don't necessarily need the CEU's, but I wanted a refresher.

    If someone has a copy that they no longer want, I would be willing to purchase it via paypal, etc. Please let me know! I'm so disappointed that I didn't buy this when I had the chance.

    Thank you.

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    Weird.... I bought it from NICU Ink not too long ago... now it's no longer on the webpage.

    I'm still using mine, however....maybe email the Academy and ask who their distributor was?

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