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Neonatal nurse interview questions

  1. 0 Hi everyone my mum has an interview for a neonatal nurse position on Monday and was wondering what are questions commonly asked for this? or questions you've been asked if you're in this position? Also any tips for her interview would be appreciated.

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    try doing a search, this is one of the most common questions asked on this forum and we get tired of repeating ourselves over and over
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    okay I was going to search for it on the site but there are loads of pages. I'll do that thanks
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    Questions I have been asked in many interviews, not just NICU interviews, were:

    1) Why nursing?
    2) How do you handle conflict?
    3) Name a time when a coworker was doing something wrong, and what you did. (Actually, a lot of 'name a time when...')
    4) Why do you want this area of nursing?
    5) Strengths/weaknesses
    6) Why should we hire you over someone else?
    7) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

    They are pretty basic interview questions. The ones that stump me the most are always the "name a time when" questions bc you never know what they're gonna ask. The others are pretty easy to come up with answers for and be prepared with. Just search the forum or Google interview questions for nursing jobs. Unless your mother has any experience in a NICU previously, I doubt they will have a ton of NICU-specific questions for her. Good luck to her!
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    Thanks! She got the job The questions you posted prepared her a little more so thanks again!
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    Congrats to your mom!